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donavan's word jar

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1–3

  1. What does Donavan collect?
    pg. 6
  2. What inspired Donavan to begin his collection?
    pg. 7
  3. On the way to school, what does Donavan discover?
    pg. 9
  4. Why does Donavan like the word “hush”?
    pg. 13
  5. What is Donavan’s favorite way of collecting?
    pg. 14
  6. What is Donavan’s dilemma?
    pg. 15
  7. What does Mrs. Panky suggest Donavan do with his collection?
    pg. 19

Section 2: Chapters 4, 5

  1. What does Donavan see when he looks out of his window?
    pg. 27
  2. Who does Donavan want to visit?
    pg. 27
  3. Why does Donavan want to stay at home?
    pg. 28
  4. What important errand does Mom need to do?
    pg. 29
  5. What is Nikki doing when Donavan opens the door to her room?
    pg. 31
  6. Why does Nikki want to look at Donavan’s word collection?
    pg. 33
  7. What kind of words does Nikki want?
    pg. 34

Section 3: Chapters 6, 7

  1. Why does Donavan tiptoe across the room when he hears his dad’s footsteps in the hall?
    pg. 38
  2. What does Donavan ask dad in the kitchen?
    pg. 39
  3. Why does Donavan tuck the word jar under his arm?
    pg. 41
  4. What did Grandma decide after Grandpa died?
    pg. 43
  5. Why can Donavan visit his grandmother anytime he wants?
    pg. 43
  6. What does Grandma collect?
    pg. 44
  7. Why is Grandma’s picture wall Donavan’s favorite place?
    pg. 47

Section 4: Chapters 8–10

  1. What does grandma suggest Donavan do with his collection?
    pg. 51
  2. Why does Grandma think that the word “persnickety” fits perfectly with Miz Marylou?
    pg. 52
  3. Why is Donavan disappointed at the end of his visit with Grandma?
    pg. 54
  4. How does Donavan stop Miz Marylou and Mr. Bill Gut from arguing?
    pg. 57
  5. Why does Donavan return to Grandma’s apartment?
    pg. 60
  6. Why is Donavan excited about Grandma’s neighbors taking his words?
    pg. 69
  7. What does Grandma have in the brown bag?
    pg. 69
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