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eight cousins

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1–6

  1. How do Rose and Phebe meet?
    pg. 4
  2. How does Rose feel about horses, boats, and boys?
    pg. 9
  3. What nearly took Rose’s breath away as she skipped boldly into the parlor?
    pg. 11
  4. Where do the boys take Rose and what do they show her?
    pg. 16
  5. What do the boys request for teatime?
    pg. 19
  6. Describe the person Rose sees when she leans over her little balcony?
    pg. 25
  7. How does Uncle Alec change Rose’s medication?
    pg. 29-32
  8. What does Uncle Alec make Rose eat for breakfast and how does she feel about this?
    pg. 34
  9. What added tender charm to Aunt Peace’s life in Rose’s opinion?
    pg. 39
  10. What do the Aunts discuss while Rose is talking with Aunt Peace?
    pg. 40-44
  11. What does Uncle Alec make Rose do after milking in the morning?
    pg. 51
  12. What does Rose plan to do with Phebe?
    pg. 59
  13. When Uncle Alec returns from abroad, what does he propose to do after dinner?
    pg. 62
  14. Describe the surprise that Phebe and Uncle Alec have been working on for Rose?
    pg. 70-72

Section 2: Chapters 7-12

  1. What were the “last” and “latest” remedies Uncle Alec had for Rose?
    pg. 74
  2. Who does Rose meet in “China” that she considers delightful?
    pg. 78-79
  3. While Rose and Uncle Alec are rowing home, who do they see and how does this affect their journey?
    pg. 83
  4. What is Uncle Alec looking over when Rose returns and why is he disappointed?
    pg. 86-87
  5. What does Uncle Alec say about the state of Rose’s finances? What is her reply?
    pg. 91-92
  6. What is Aunt Jane’s reaction to seeing Rose awake when she is leaving?
    pg. 93
  7. Where does Uncle Alec invite Rose to go in the little boat?
    pg. 99
  8. What do Rose and Uncle Alec discover on their island, was it a good discovery or a bad one?
    pg. 103-105
  9. What do the children play at after consuming the chowder?
    pg. 112
  10. What is Rose’s sacrifice?
    pg. 114-115
  11. Where does Uncle Mac take Rose and what do they see?
    pg. 118-119
  12. What happens to Mac after the escapades on the island?
    pg. 121-122
  13. How does Mac respond to the fact that he may become blind?
    pg. 127
  14. How does Rose say that Steve, Charlie, and Archie can help Mac?
    pg. 140

Section 3: Chapters 13-18

  1. What remedy does Uncle Alec prescribe for Mac’s boredom and Rose’s caginess?
    pg. 143
  2. Who is mother Atkinson and why does everyone love her?
    pg. 145
  3. What is the “Cozy Corner Light Infantry”?
    pg. 146
  4. Who is the busiest of all the guests at Portland and why?
    pg. 150
  5. How does Rose exemplify the phrase, “Pride goeth before the fall”?
    pg. 154-55
  6. What is the final gift Rose receives from Uncle Alec?
    pg. 166
  7. How does Mac entertain Rose while she is bedridden from her sprained ankle?
    pg. 169
  8. How does Annabel Bliss bring Rose down from her high horse?
    pg. 172-173
  9. Why do the cousins gather round the fireplace?
    pg. 178
  10. What task does Uncle Alec convince Rose to take up?
    pg. 174
  11. What do Aunt Plenty and Aunt Peace teach Rose?
    pg. 189-194
  12. What bargain do Charlie and Rose make?
    pg. 198-199
  13. What does Aunt Jesse force Will and Geordie to give up?
    pg. 200-205
  14. Describe the difference between the outfit the Aunts force Rose to try on and the one Uncle Alec buys her.
    pg. 210

Section 4: Chapters 19-24

  1. What is Rose learning when Aunt Myra walks into the library and why is Myra shocked?
    pg. 222-223
  2. What insights does Mac discover about parents?
    pg. 227-228
  3. What does Rose make Phebe promise to do on Christmas morning?
    pg. 234
  4. What are the first presents Rose receives and what does she think about them?
    pg. 234
  5. What do the boys teach Rose to do before dinner and how do the Aunts react to this?
    pg. 236-237
  6. How does Fun See change his appearance?
    pg. 237
  7. Who does Charlie dare Rose to kiss under the mistletoe and how does she use the dare to her advantage?
    pg. 245
  8. What happens to Rose when Mac forgets their skating date?
    pg. 253
  9. What does Rose decide to teach Phebe?
    pg. 262-263
  10. What is Uncle Alec’s reaction to this plan?
    pg. 269
  11. Why are Archie and Charlie fighting and what does Steve ask Rose for?
    pg. 275-276
  12. How does Rose confront Charlie and how does he respond?
    pg. 279-283
  13. What discovery does Rose make about girls?
    pg. 287
  14. Who does Rose choose to live out her days with and why?
    pg. 298-299
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