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flat stanley

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1, 2

  1. What does Stanley’s younger brother, Arthur, want his parents to see?
    pg. 2
  2. Why does Stanley have to go see Dr. Dan?
    pg. 2
  3. What does Dr. Dan admit at the end of Stanley’s appointment?
    pg. 4
  4. What are Stanley’s measurements?
    pg. 7
  5. What is one reason Stanley likes being flat?
    pg. 9
  6. How does Stanley help his mother when they are taking a walk?
    pg. 10
  7. How does Stanley travel to California?
    pg. 18

Section 2: Chapter 3

  1. What does Mr. Lambchop like to do on Sunday afternoons?
    pg. 23
  2. What is difficult on these outings?
    pg. 23
  3. What does Mr. Jones think Mr. Lambchop is carrying?
    pg. 25
  4. Why does Arthur pile encyclopedias on himself?
    pg. 26
  5. After he borrows a large spool of string, what does Stanley ask Aurthur to do?
    pg. 29
  6. What happens to Stanley when his brother goes to get a hot dog?
    pg. 32
  7. How long does it take Arthur to rescue his brother?
    pg. 32

Section 3: Chapter 4

  1. What is Mr. Dart’s important job?
    pg. 35
  2. Why has Mr. Dart become gloomy?
    pg. 35
  3. Who does the Chief of Police suspect is stealing the paintings?
    pg. 36
  4. What does Mrs. Lambchop say that Stanley must do if he is to carry out his plan to help Mr. Dart?
    pg. 39
  5. What disguise does Mr. Dart choose for Stanley?
    pg. 44
  6. How do the sneak thieves get into the museum?
    pg. 47-48
  7. What does Stanley get for helping to catch the sneak thieves?
    pg. 54

Section 4: Chapter 5

  1. After a few weeks of fame, what happens to Stanley?
    pg. 56
  2. Why do people begin to laugh at Stanley?
    pg. 56
  3. What does Arthur hear that wakes him up?
    pg. 57
  4. Why does Arthur think Stanley is mad at him?
    pg. 57
  5. What is Arthur’s idea to help Stanley?
    pg. 60
  6. What does Arthur use to help Stanley’s right foot inflate?
    pg. 63
  7. How does the Lambchop Family celebrate?
    pg. 65
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