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the year of miss agnes

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1–4

  1. What does Sam tell Fred he brought for her on October 1, 1948?
    pg. 5
  2. What have Fred and Bertha never seen?
    pg. 7
  3. Who is Fred named after?
    pg. 11
  4. What does the village need to have a school?
    pg. 14
  5. Why doesn’t Bokko go to school?
    pg. 16
  6. What does Mamma think everyone should be doing instead of going to school?
    pg. 20
  7. Why does Fred’s grandma grumble at Mamma?
    pg. 23

Section 2: Chapters 5-9

  1. How does Miss Agnes get Little Pete and Roger to stop wrestling?
    pg. 26
  2. Why does Miss Agnes put the ugly old grade book into a cardboard box to be stored in the cache?
    pg. 27
  3. Why does Fred make a picture of Miss Agnes?
    pg. 30
  4. What does Miss Agnes tell Bertha she is ready to learn?
    pg. 35
  5. Why does Miss Agnes want the children to learn arithmetic?
    pg. 35
  6. What does Miss Agnes get to help Bokko learn?
    pg. 53
  7. How does Fred and Bokko know that their mother isn’t mad at Miss Agnes anymore?
    pg. 58

Section 3: Chapters 10-13

  1. When does Miss Agnes take her squeeze box out of its little case?
    pg. 65
  2. What happens if the dance in the community hall goes on long enough?
    pg. 67
  3. What does Miss Agnes make with skinny white paper from Anderson’s adding machine?
    pg. 69
  4. Why don’t Fred’s grandfather and his friends know about World War I?
    pg. 72
  5. What does Fred think about looking into the microscope?
    pg. 75
  6. What made Miss Agnes homesick?
    pg. 79
  7. What does Fred’s grandfather say happened when the priest photographed the people of the village?
    pg. 86

Section 4: Chapters 14-17

  1. What does Miss Agnes have her students read instead of the books about Dick and Jane?
    pg. 91
  2. Why does Miss Agnes give each of her students little notebooks?
    pg. 93
  3. Why does Fred think that good English sounds wrong?
    pg. 97
  4. What does Miss Agnes leave behind when she packs her things?
    pg. 107
  5. 5.What job do Fred and her sister Bokko have at fish camp?
    pg. 110
  6. What happens when Fred thinks about the things Miss Agnes taught her?
    pg. 111
  7. What do Fred and Bokko discover when they return from fish camp?
    pg. 113
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