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from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler

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Section 1: Chapters 1–3

  1. How does Claudia think her kind of running away is different from the old-fashioned kind of running away?
    pg. 5
  2. Why does Claudia choose Jamie to go with her?
    pg. 6
  3. What does Claudia do to prepare for her journey?
    pg. 8
  4. What does Claudia find in her parent's wastebasket that will help with her plan?
    pg. 9
  5. How does Jamie feel about Claudia choosing him to accompany her?
    pg. 14
  6. Why does Jamie have so much money?
    pg. 16
  7. Why is all of Jamie's money in change?
    pg. 22
  8. Where does Jamie think they will be hiding out?
    pg. 23
  9. What two letters does Claudia mail on the way to the museum?
    pg. 26
  10. Why is Claudia finally glad that Jamie is with her?
    pg. 27
  11. Why does Claudia think they should walk up Madison Avenue instead of Fifth Avenue?
    pg. 29
  12. What three types of people visit the museum on Wednesdays?
    pg. 31-32
  13. Where does Claudia decide she and Jamie will spend the night?
    pg. 36
  14. What does Claudia think about to help her sleep on her first night at the museum?
    pg. 41

Section 2: Chapters 4-5

  1. How do Claudia and Jamie feel when they wake up after their first night at the museum?
    pg. 43
  2. How do Claudia and Jamie decide to use their time at the museum?
    pg. 47
  3. Why does Jamie choose to go to the Hall of Italian Renaissance first?
    pg. 47
  4. What danger did Claudia sense while in line to see the Angel statue?
    pg. 52
  5. What does Jamie ask the lady who is teaching the class about ancient Egypt?
    pg. 55
  6. Who does the museum believe to be the artist of the Angel statue?
    pg. 58
  7. How much did the museum pay for the statue?
    pg. 59
  8. How did Mr. Frankweiler amass his fortune?
    pg. 60
  9. Where do Claudia and Jamie go to learn more about Michelangelo?
    pg. 69
  10. How would the experts decide whether or not the statue was sculpted by Michelangelo's?
    pg. 74
  11. What are Claudia and Jamie doing that none of the experts can do?
    pg. 75
  12. What does Jamie learn while hiding in the bathroom?
    pg. 79
  13. What do Claudia and Jamie find while bathing in the fountain?
    pg. 84
  14. When was the last time Claudia and Jamie were homesick?
    pg. 86

Section 3: Chapters 6-8

  1. What made it officially Sunday for Jamie?
    pg. 88
  2. How do Claudia and Jamie discover the mark on the bottom of the statue?
    pg. 92
  3. Why had close calls become unimportant to Claudia?
    pg. 94
  4. Why can't Claudia and Jamie tell the New York Times or the Metropolitan Museum about their discovery?
    pg. 97
  5. How does Claudia plan to reveal her and Jamie's discovery to the museum?
    pg. 104
  6. What kind of person do Claudia and Jamie look for to deliver the letter?
    pg. 106
  7. Who do Claudia and Jamie overhear while hiding in the Ancient Egypt exhibit?
    pg. 110
  8. Why doesn't Claudia or Jamie want to check the post office box for a response to their letter?
    pg. 113
  9. After the tour of the U.N., what does Claudia realize about being different?
    pg. 115
  10. What three possibilities has the museum considered regarding the creation of the statue?
    pg. 117
  11. Why would Claudia have felt better if the letter from the museum had not been so polite?
    pg. 120
  12. Why does Jamie lecture Claudia?
    pg. 120
  13. After receiving the letter from the museum, where do Claudia and Jamie decide to go to continue their research?
    pg. 122
  14. How do Claudia and Jamie get to Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler's house?
    pg. 123

Section 4: Chapters 9-10

  1. After Jamie gives the taxi driver the last of the money, what does he tell Claudia they have done?
    pg. 125
  2. What reason does Jamie give for wanting to see Mrs. Frankweiler?
    pg. 126
  3. How does Mrs. Frankweiler know Claudia and Jamie are runaways?
    pg. 128
  4. How does Mrs. Frankweiler find out where Claudia and Jamie have been staying?
    pg. 134
  5. What part of living away from home does Claudia like best?
    pg. 139
  6. Why doesn't Claudia want to tell Mrs. Frankweiler where they have been hiding?
    pg. 139
  7. What does Mrs. Frankweiler admire about Claudia?
    pg. 141
  8. Where do Claudia and Jamie find the correct file and why is it filed there?
    pg. 145, 147
  9. What evidence do the children find in the file about the creator of Angel?
    pg. 146
  10. How had Mrs. Frankweiler acquired the sketch of the angel?
    pg. 148
  11. How does Mrs. Frankweiler make sure Claudia and Jamie will not tell anyone about the sketch?
    pg. 149
  12. Why had planning the runaway been such fun for Claudia?
    pg. 151
  13. Why doesn't Mrs. Frankweiler want to give the sketch to the museum?
    pg. 152
  14. Why does Claudia think Mrs. Frankweiler sold the statue?
    pg. 158
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