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a mouse called wolf

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1–3

  1. Why does Wolfgang's mother want to give him an important-sounding name?
    pg. 1
  2. Why does Wolfgang feel unhappy when his brothers and sisters are playing?
    pg. 10
  3. What does Wolfgang's mother believe he is going to grow up to be?
    pg. 11
  4. Why does Wolfgang keep returning home after each nighly scrounge?
    pg. 15
  5. Why does Wolfgang like the evening recital best?
    pg. 16
  6. Why does Wolfgang's mother become annoyed with him?
    pg. 17
  7. What danger does Wolfgang's singing arouse?
    pg. 21

Section 2: Chapters 4–6

  1. When Wolfgang's mother is listening to his song for the first time, what danger does she sense?
    pg. 23
  2. How do Wolfgang and his mother escape the danger?
    pg. 23
  3. How are they rescued in the end?
    pg. 30
  4. How does Mrs. Honeybee feel about animals?
    pg. 34
  5. Who are Mrs. Honeybee's favorite classical composers?
    pg. 35
  6. What do Mrs. Honeybee and Wolfgang's mother have in common?
    pg. 39
  7. What treat does Mrs. Honeybee offer Wolfgang to reassure him that she is not a threat?
    pg. 47

Section 3: Chapters 7–9

  1. What is the name of the song Mrs. Honeybee plays while Wolfgang is standing over middle C?
    pg. 53
  2. Why, after many nights does Mrs. Honeybee withhold Wolfgang's treat?
    pg. 56
  3. What does Wolfgang challenge his mother to do?
    pg. 59
  4. What does Wolfgang decide to do when Mrs. Honeybee does not show up to accompany him on the piano?
    pg. 66
  5. Who does Wolfgang encounter when he walks into the kitchen?
    pg. 66
  6. Why doesn't Mrs. Honeybee show up to play the piano?
    pg. 70
  7. How did Wolfgang attract the attention of the policeman?
    pg. 74

Section 4: Chapters 10, 11

  1. What does Wolfgang try to do while Mrs. Honeybee is in the hospital?
    pg. 81-82
  2. What qualities of Wolfgang's first composition move and captivate Mary?
    pg. 85
  3. What does Wolfgang name his first composition?
    pg. 85
  4. What is the first thing Mrs. Honeybee does when she arrives home?
    pg. 87
  5. How does Wolfgang help Mrs. Honeybee fall asleep?
    pg. 91
  6. What is Mrs. Honeybee's opinion of Wolfgang's composition?
    pg. 94-95
  7. What does Mrs. Honeybee name Wolfgang and why?
    pg. 95
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