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farmer boy

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Section 1: School Days–Saturday Night

  1. What do the big boys who go to school in the middle of the winter term determine to do?
    pg. 5
  2. Almanzo does not go into his house after school. Where does he go and why?
    pg. 14
  3. What happened to Mr. Corse's friend, Jonas Lane?
  4. What does Almanzo do after supper each night?
    pg. 30
  5. What observation does Almanzo make about popcorn?
    pg. 34
  6. What does Almanzo's father do at midnight, and why does he do this?
    pg. 36
  7. How does Almanzo's father help Mr. Corse teach Big Bill Ritchie and the other big boys a lesson?
    pg. 44
  8. What is the cloth that Almanzo's mother is weaving going to be used for?
    pg. 62
  9. Describe the perfect weather for cutting ice.
    pg. 65
  10. Why don't the ice blocks melt, even in the hottest summer weather?
    pg. 74
  11. Why does Almanzo's mother prefer to twist her doughnuts?
    pg. 76
  12. Why doesn't Almanzo like Saturday night?
    pg. 76

Section 2: Sunday–Cold Snap

  1. What are stacked pancakes?
    pg. 85
  2. How does the Wilder family keep warm in there buggy on the way to church?
    pg. 88
  3. How does Almanzo convince his father to let him stay home from school?
    pg. 96
  4. Why do Almanzo and his father go out to the maple grove?
    pg. 110
  5. What do Almanzo and Royal spend days and days doing in the cellar?
    pg. 118
  6. When does Almanzo tell Alice the right time to plant corn is?
    pg. 131
  7. When the tin-peddler visits, why does Almanzo think the best time of all will be coming after supper?
    pg. 138
  8. Before Mr. Brown leaves, what does he give Eliza Jane, Alice, and Almanzo?
    pg. 139
  9. After Almanzo's father sells the colts, why is his mother scared?
    pg. 146
  10. Who does Almanzo's father suspect of robbing the farmer near Malone?
    pg. 152
  11. During sheep-sheering, what is Almanzo's job?
    pg. 157
  12. What do Almanzo and his family do to save the corn when it freezes?
    pg. 171

Section 3: Independence Day–Fall of the Year

  1. What happens when Almanzo asks his father for a nickel?
    pg. 183-185
  2. What does Almanzo enjoy doing on rainy days?
    pg. 195-197
  3. What happens when Almanzo goes berry picking?
    pg. 200-201
  4. What is the first thing the children do when their mother and father go on vacation?
    pg. 205-207
  5. What happens when Almanzo gets angry at Eliza Jane, and what does she do?
    pg. 220-226
  6. How does Almanzo help during the oat harvest?
    pg. 234
  7. Where did Almanzo's mother get the money she took to the bank on a weekday during harvest?
    pg. 238
  8. What happens while Almanzo is roasting potatoes?
    pg. 247
  9. What does Almanzo's father teach him about gambling?
    pg. 256
  10. What does Almanzo do while everyone else is merry during dinner?
    pg. 262
  11. Why is Almanzo nervous about telling the judges how he grew the pumpkin?
    pg. 273
  12. What does Almanzo help his mother do at the end of butchering time?
    pg. 283-284

Section 4: Cobbler–Farmer Boy

  1. Why does Royal have to go to the Academy wearing last year's boots?
    pg. 286
  2. Why does Almanzo's mother think he is being spoiled?
    pg. 289
  3. What does Eliza Jane's father do that mortifies her?
    pg. 296
  4. When the bobsled is done, what does Almanzo want to do before chore time?
    pg. 304
  5. What does Almanzo's father think of the threshing machine?
    pg. 308
  6. What happens on stormy nights throughout the winter?
    pg. 310
  7. Why are Almanzo and Frank arguing in the barn?
    pg. 320-323
  8. What advice does Almanzo's father give him when he falls during wood-hauling?
    pg. 335
  9. Why does Almanzo's father decide Almanzo must go back to school?
    pg. 342
  10. Why does Almanzo's father invite him to go to town to sell the load of hay?
    pg. 345
  11. What does Mr. Paddock demand Mr. Thompson give Almanzo and why?
    pg. 356
  12. What does Almanzo decide about the apprenticeship Mr. Paddock offers him?
    pg. 371
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