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the family under the bridge

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1, 2

  1. Why doesn't Armand worry about rent or burglars?
    pg. 1
  2. Where will Armand take up residence for the winter?
    pg. 4
  3. What does Armand think of children?
    pg. 5
  4. What does Armand eat for dinner (his mid-day meal)?
    pg. 8
  5. What shocks Armand when he arrives back at his niche under the bridge?
    pg. 10
  6. When Armand finds the children, what reason does the older girl give that they can't be taken away?
    pg. 10
  7. What does Suzy do when Armand tells her they have put him out of his home?
    pg. 14
  8. What two things does Armand hope never to be?
    pg. 14
  9. When Suzy tells her mother that Armand is a "nice, friendly old tramp," what is his response?
    pg. 18
  10. Why can't the children go to school?
    pg. 20
  11. What does Suzy want to do when she grows up?
    pg. 20
  12. Why is Suzy sure that Armand will take her and the children with him?
    pg. 22

Section 2: Chapters 3, 4

  1. What does Armand say about City Hall?
    pg. 25
  2. Why is the Rue de Rivoli crowded?
    pg. 25
  3. How does Armand coax the children away from the Christmas log and the chestnuts?
    pg. 28-29
  4. What does Evelyne confess to Father Christmas?
    pg. 32
  5. What does Suzy ask of Father Christmas?
    pg. 33
  6. Why does Evelyne want windows?
    pg. 33
  7. What does Father Christmas offer Armand?
    pg. 33
  8. Why do people give generously when Armand begs?
    pg. 40
  9. What does Armand treat the children to?
    pg. 40
  10. Why is the ragged man with the monkey angry?
    pg. 42
  11. Why is Madame Calcet angry with Armand?
    pg. 46
  12. What does Madame Calcet force the children to do?
    pg. 46
  13. When Armand leaves the Calcets, what does Evelyne call him?
    pg. 47

Section 3: Chapters 5, 6

  1. While looking for a new bridge, what causes Armand to jump up and down with excitement?
    pg. 50
  2. Why doesn't Armand sleep well at the new bridge he has found?
    pg. 50
  3. Why are the children crying when Armand returns in the morning?
    pg. 52
  4. Why do the children quicken their steps when Armand tells them they are approaching the Halles?
    pg. 55
  5. What does the outlandish hat on the man lifting the immense box mean?
    pg. 56
  6. How did the Court of Miracles get its name?
    pg. 59
  7. What does the gypsy girl say about Evelyne's appearance when they first meet?
    pg. 62
  8. After meeting the gypsies, what does Suzy decide to ask Father Christmas for?
    pg. 64
  9. What does Tinka tell Suzy that Gypsies have in common with families?
    pg. 68
  10. What does Madame Calcet think of the pigeon stew?
    pg. 72
  11. What does Suzy learn about Tinka that she finds shocking?
    pg. 74
  12. What do Tinka and Suzy teach each other?
    pg. 76

Section 4: Chapters 7–9

  1. How does Armand distract the children from their expectation?
    pg. 79-80
  2. Where does Madame Calcet insist on going at midnight on Christmas Eve?
    pg. 87
  3. Where does Nikki get the Christmas tree?
    pg. 89
  4. What does Armand enjoy about the gypsy camp?
    pg. 91
  5. Why is Suzy worried about Paul?
    pg. 91-92
  6. Why does Armand say it is not possible for Paul to travel with the gypsies?
    pg. 92-93
  7. After the gypsies had left, what does Suzy think happened to Paul?
    pg. 101
  8. Where had Paul been?
    pg. 103
  9. What does Armand say he will do to help the Calcets?
    pg. 106
  10. How does Madame Calcet help Armand once he decides to get a job?
    pg. 108-109
  11. What job does Armand discover is available?
    pg. 120
  12. While Armand is on his way back to the Calcet's, what causes him to raise his head and straighten his shoulders?
    pg. 123
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