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ben and me

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Section 1: Forward–Chapter 4

  1. What does Amos think of Ben's intelligence?
    pg. 4
  2. What is the first thing Amos remembers clearly after traveling through the cold winter night?
    pg. 6
  3. Which room does Amos settle on, and where does he decide to sleep?
    pg. 6
  4. What is Amos' inspiration for the Franklin stove?
    pg. 11-12
  5. What were some of the materials Ben gathered to make the prototype stove?
    pg. 12-13
  6. What does Amos think about Ben's use of "we" regarding the stove?
    pg. 16
  7. How does Ben agree to compensate Amos for his services?
    pg. 18-19
  8. How is Amos able to help Ben while in his cap?
    pg. 20
  9. Why does Ben always wear a cap?
    pg. 22
  10. What does Amos think of swimming?
    pg. 23
  11. Why does Ben chase after the dog?
    pg. 25
  12. When the yokels find Ben's watch on the riverbank what do they think has happened to him?
    pg. 26
  13. Why is Ben despondent after the crowd from Philadelphia arrives?
    pg. 30
  14. How does Ben discover Amos is safe and sound?
    pg. 30

Section 2: Chapters 5–8

  1. According to Amos, what does Ben think is man's highest calling?
    pg. 31
  2. What accident had Amos had in Ben's print shop?
    pg. 33
  3. Who is Poor Richard?
    pg. 34
  4. What "improvements" does Amos make to the almanac?
    pg. 34
  5. What is the result of Amos' changes to the Almanac?
    pg. 35
  6. How is Ben inspired to study electricity?
    pg. 40
  7. What does Ben claim he will do with lightning?
    pg. 41
  8. How does Amos help Ben prepare for his electrical demonstration?
    pg. 44
  9. What happens to the Governor as a result of Ben's demonstration?
    pg. 46
  10. How does Ben respond to the lightning storm?
    pg. 53
  11. How does Amos determine lightning is electrical?
    pg. 61
  12. Why does Ben agree to give up his electrical experiments?
    pg. 62-63
  13. What "sacred cause" does Ben ask Amos to join him in fighting?
    pg. 63
  14. Why does Ben sail to England alone?
    pg. 65

Section 3: Chapters 9–11

  1. How does Amos describe the War of the Revolution?
    pg. 67
  2. What is the most important committee's task?
    pg. 67
  3. Who does Amos say really controls Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson?
    pg. 67
  4. Why was Red in a fury?
    pg. 69
  5. Who was the man that impressed Amos the most?
    pg. 71
  6. Why does he like this man?
    pg. 71
  7. How does Amos persuade Ben that he should appeal to France?
    pg. 72
  8. Why does George Washington want Ben to go to France?
    pg. 72
  9. How do Ben and Amos fair on the voyage to France?
    pg. 74
  10. How do the French people receive Ben?
    pg. 77
  11. What kind of people are Ben and Amos surrounded by in France?
    pg. 77
  12. How does Ben gain a reputation as a brilliant diplomat?
    pg. 78
  13. Why are Amos' nerves on end at Madame Helvetius's house?
    pg. 79
  14. Who lives in the towering headdress of Madame Brillon?
    pg. 80

Section 4: Chapters 12–15

  1. What news do Amos and Ben receive?
    pg. 85
  2. How does Amos feel about the foreign ways of the French?
    pg. 85
  3. What do the King and Queen do in honor of the 4th of July?
    pg. 86
  4. Why is Ben sad that Thomas Jefferson is coming to France?
    pg. 87
  5. Why was Amos happy?
    pg. 87
  6. Why are the Slum Mice and Sewer Rats ripe for revolution?
    pg. 89
  7. How many of the peasant mice occupied Ben's fur cap?
    pg. 95
  8. What signal does Amos give to get his regiment to attack?
    pg. 97
  9. How do the King, Queen and court respond to the mice?
    pg. 97
  10. Who is in Ben's cap at the end of the evening?
    pg. 102
  11. Why is the guard rude to Ben?
    pg. 105
  12. How can Amos tell he is getting old?
    pg. 107
  13. What does Amos give to Ben for his eighty-first birthday?
    pg. 110
  14. Why is Ben worried about the hat?
    pg. 113
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