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because of winn dixie

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1–7

  1. Why is it hard for Opal not to fall in love immediately with Winn-Dixie?
    pg. 12
  2. Why is it sometimes hard for Opal to think of the preacher as her daddy?
    pg. 13
  3. Why does Opal think her daddy might let her keep Winn-Dixie?
    pg. 18
  4. How can Opal tell that Winn-Dixie doesn't like the bath?
    pg. 20
  5. Why doesn't Opal have any friends?
    pg. 21
  6. What does Opal want her daddy to tell her about?
    pg. 25
  7. What was the tenth thing the preacher tells Opal about her mama?
    pg. 29
  8. What are some of the things that Opal prays for?
    pg. 38-39
  9. How is Opal like her mama?
    pg. 43
  10. What book did the bear take from the library?
    pg. 48
  11. When Opal realizes that Miss Franny is lonely, what does she suggest?
    pg. 50

Section 2: Chapters 8–13

  1. According to Opal, what is Winn-Dixie better at than anyone?
    pg. 57
  2. What does Opal have that helps her to stop feeling lonely?
    pg. 59
  3. How does Gloria know she can trust Winn-Dixie?
    pg. 63
  4. What does Gloria Dump see people with other than her eyes?
    pg. 66
  5. How does Winn-Dixie make Opal's father laugh?
    pg. 71
  6. How does the thunderstorm affect Winn-Dixie?
    pg. 74-75
  7. After the storm, what does the preacher do that helps Opal realize how much she loves him?
    pg. 78
  8. Why does Otis like to let the animals in the pet store out of their cages?
    pg. 82
  9. What was Opal collecting for her mama?
    pg. 85
  10. Why can't Sweetie Pie choose a pet she wants?
    pg. 88
  11. What do Dunlap and Stevie call Gloria Dump?
    pg. 89

Section 3: Chapters 14–20

  1. Why does Gloria Dump keep bottles hanging in her tree?
    pg. 95
  2. Why does Gloria show the tree to Opal?
    pg. 96
  3. How did Opal want to help comfort Gloria Dump?
    pg. 100
  4. What words does Miss Franny use to describe war?
    pg. 105
  5. What did Littmus decide do to make the world a sweeter place?
    pg. 111
  6. What does the preacher think the Littmus Lozenge candy tastes like?
    pg. 121
  7. Why does Amanda have a pinched face all the time?
    pg. 125
  8. Why does Opal think she ought to have been told about Amanda's little brother Carson?
    pg. 125
  9. Why is Otis arrested and put in jail?
    pg. 130-131
  10. Why doesn't Otis want handcuffs put on him?
    pg. 131
  11. Who does Gloria say Opal has to invite to the party?
    pg. 137

Section 4: Chapters 21–26

  1. How does Opal know that Otis has arrived at the party?
    pg. 148
  2. What sound does Opal mistake for Winn-Dixie's stomach growling?
    pg. 153-154
  3. In the preacher's prayer, what are the wonderful and complicated gifts he speaks of?
    pg. 153
  4. What does Sweetie Pie frantically do when the storm interrupts the party?
    pg. 155
  5. What does Opal forget to do while trying to save the party from the storm?
    pg. 157
  6. Why doesn't Sweetie Pie think Winn-Dixie was lost during the storm?
    pg. 159
  7. Why does Opal work so hard to memorize the list of ten things about Winn-Dixie?
    pg. 163
  8. When Opal's mother left, what did she leave behind that the preacher was thankful for?
    pg. 167
  9. Where was Winn-Dixie hiding and what made him sneeze?
    pg. 174
  10. After Opal and her father return to the party, what does Dunlap do that surprises her?
    pg. 180
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