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Section 1: Chapters 1, 2

  1. Why does Pete open the doors to the storm cellar?
    pg. 1
  2. Why is mother worried?
    pg. 2
  3. What does mother keep in the storm cellar?
    pg. 3
  4. Why does Pete shiver when his mother looks up from the stove and takes a breath?
    pg. 6
  5. What do folks call the part of the country where Pete's family lives?
    pg. 6
  6. What is beside the well after the tornado hits?
    pg. 8
  7. Why is the doghouse trembling?
    pg. 9

Section 2: Chapters 3, 4

  1. Why are Sammy and Pete not supposed to play war?
    pg. 14
  2. Why does Pete think Tornado wants to play cards?
    pg. 15
  3. Why doesn't the card want to go back into the deck?
    pg. 19
  4. Why is Pete's sister, Emma Lou, carrying on?
    pg. 22
  5. Where does Peter find the turtle?
    pg. 23
  6. What does Tornado do after the turtle is found?
    pg. 26
  7. Why does Pete think Tornado is a good dog?
    pg. 27

Section 3: Chapters 5, 6

  1. Why does Pete suggest one more quick story about Tornado be told?
    pg. 28
  2. How did Five-Thirty get its name?
    pg. 29
  3. Why does Tornado dig holes?
    pg. 30
  4. What happens when Five-Thirty finally leaves the hole?
    pg. 33
  5. What happens on the saddest day of Pete's life?
    pg. 40
  6. Why does Pete's father fall silent on the drive home?
    pg. 41
  7. What happens when Pete tries to get one last look at Tornado?
    pg. 41

Section 4: Chapter 7

  1. What does Pete's mother remind him about Tornado?
    pg. 45
  2. What was the thumping noise that Pete heard on Friday in the barn?
    pg. 43
  3. Why does Pete have to wipe his eyes?
    pg. 44
  4. What did Pete do when he discovered the source of the noise?
    pg. 45
  5. Why did Pete's father say they could not take Tornado back?
    pg. 45
  6. Who comes to the cellar doors to tell them that the storm is over?
    pg. 45
  7. What story did Pete promise to tell during the next storm?
    pg. 49
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