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the matchlock gun

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What was Trudy famous for?
    pg. X
  2. Why did Trudy need to start spinning at an early age?
    pg. X
  3. What does the phrase "Doesn't that beat the Dutch" mean?
    pg. XI
  4. What does Edward want his father to take to the muster?
    pg. 1
  5. How old were Edward's mother and father when they got married?
    pg. 3
  6. What does Teunis stop and do with Edward before he leaves the house?
    pg. 4
  7. Where are Teunis and Van Aerman going?
    pg. 6

Section 2

  1. Where do Edward and Trudy sleep?
    pg. 12
  2. After being put to bed, what comforting sound does Edward miss?
    pg. 16
  3. Why dosen't Gertrude want Edward to take butter to Grandmother Van Alstyne's house?
    pg. 20-21
  4. What message does John Mynderse bring?
    pg. 24
  5. What helps Edward to not be afraid in the house?
    pg. 27
  6. When Gertrude and the children go for a walk, what do they see off in the distance?
    pg. 28
  7. How does Edward know that his mother is afraid?
    pg. 31

Section 3

  1. Why does Gertrude decide that it will be best to stay at their own house and not go to their grandmother's?
    pg. 32
  2. What does Gertrude load into the gun?
    pg. 35
  3. What does Edward's mother do since he can not hold up the gun?
    pg. 37
  4. What is Edward to do if he hears his mother call "ATEOORD"?
    pg. 40
  5. What is Gertrude doing outside as she watches for Indians?
    pg. 43
  6. What does Gertrude do to help Edward not feel deserted?
    pg. 46
  7. What happens to the grandmother's house?
    pg. 47

Section 4

  1. Why does Gertrude wait to act when she first sees the Indians?
    pg. 49
  2. What does Gertrude fear would happen if she does not get to the house before the Indians?
    pg. 50
  3. While Gertrude is running to the house, why is she shouting out the names of people who were not there?
    pg. 50
  4. What strikes Gertrude's shoulder?
    pg. 52
  5. What happens when Edward fires the gun?
    pg. 55
  6. What does Trudy save from being burned in the house?
    pg. 59
  7. When the militiamen return, what do they find?
    pg. 61
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