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across five aprils

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What trials are named that Ellen has lived through?
    pg. 2
  2. What “thing” holds little value in Mrs. Creighton’s world?
    pg. 2
  3. What does Jethro mean when he says, “We’ll hev a crop to make people up north
    call us ‘Egypt’ fer sure.”?
    pg. 1
  4. What wars had different members of Jethro’s family fought in?
    pg. 10
  5. What two men is Jethro angry at, and why?
    pg. 11-12
  6. Why is Jethro’s brother, Bill, considered odd?
    pg. 17
  7. What subject causes tension at the Creighton family’s dinner table?
    pg. 19-20
  8. Where is the first battle of the war fought?
  9. Which side does Bill believe is responsible for the war?
    pg. 27-28
  10. What conflict exists between John and Bill?
    pg. 28-29

Section 2

  1. What events cause the people of the north to celebrate?
    pg. 47
  2. How do Ellen’s views about Shadrach and Jenny’s relationship differ from Matthew’s?
    pg. 52
  3. What names are given to President Lincoln in the newspaper?
    pg. 61
  4. What task does Shadrach assign to Jethro and Jenny?
    pg. 63-64
  5. Why is Jethro taunted in the store?
    pg. 77-78
  6. Why does the newspaper editor invite Jethro to dinner?
    pg. 81-82
  7. Who does Jethro meet in the woods and what does he want?
    pg. 89-90
  8. How do the events at Newton affect Matthew and Jethro differently?
    pg. 95-96
  9. How does Jenny anger Jethro?
    pg. 103-104
  10. What threat does the Creighton family receive, and why?
    pg. 110-111

Section 3

  1. What news does the Creighton family receive, and how do the people of the county respond?
    pg. 118-119
  2. How does Sam Gardiner put an end to the attacks of Wortman?
    pg. 123-124
  3. How has opinion on the war and its generals changed since Donelson?
    pg. 129-130
  4. How has Dave Burdow changed since he and Jethro rode through the woods together?
    pg. 131-132
  5. How does Israel Thomas defend President Lincoln?
    pg. 134
  6. What weakness does Shadrach see in General McClellan?
    pg. 135-136
  7. What was the general feeling about the war during 1863, and how many of the soldiers respond?
    pg. 138-139
  8. Where did many soldiers flee to, and how did they survive?
    pg. 140
  9. How did many of the men dodge the draft?
    pg. 141-142
  10. What lesson does Jethro learn from the soldiers?
    pg. 145

Section 4

  1. How does Shadrach and Jenny’s relationship change as a result of her going
    to Washington to see him?
    pg. 173
  2. What famous speech is given in November 1863 and who is it given by?
    pg. 182
  3. What proclamation does President Lincoln issue in December, 1863?
    pg. 182-183
  4. What observation does Shadrach make about President Lincoln after seeing him in Washington?
    pg. 184
  5. Who wins the presidential election and why?
    pg. 189
  6. What good news does the President receive at Christmas?
    pg. 194
  7. What fear does Mr. Milton have about the probable peace to come?
    pg. 199-200
  8. What potential problems does Mr. Milton foresee with the ratification of the thirteenth amendment?
    pg. 200
  9. What happens in April at Appomattox?
    pg. 201
  10. What terrible news arrives in late April?
    pg. 203
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