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pictures of hollis woods

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What does Hollis want "W" to stand for?
    pg. 1
  2. What does Hollis feel she needs to have to get along?
    pg. 2-3
  3. What had Hollis seen when she looked into the eyes of the mustard woman?
    pg. 6
  4. What stands out most about Josie Cahill when Hollis first meets her?
    pg. 7
  5. Why does the stucco woman want to send Hollis to the country for two months?
    pg. 13
  6. Why could Hollis never get perfect the picture of she and Steven playing checkers
    on that first day?
    pg. 17
  7. When Hollis gives Josie permission to work on her tree figure, how does she respond?
    pg. 25
  8. What happens when Hollis catches her first fish?
    pg. 28
  9. What does Hollis know about Josie that the mustard woman doesn’t?
    pg. 31
  10. What does Hollis do instead of her homework?
    pg. 36
  11. What is the Old Man's gift to Hollis?
    pg. 37-38
  12. What does Hollis keep telling herself not to think about?
    pg. 40

Section 2

  1. After being an art teacher for forty years, what impresses Beatrice?
    pg. 43
  2. What does Beatrice teach Hollis with a twist of her pencil?
    pg. 44
  3. How does Beatrice know Hollis loves Josie?
    pg. 45-46
  4. How did Hollis get her name?
    pg. 48
  5. What will Hollis have to do if she wants to stay with Josie?
    pg. 54
  6. Where is Beatrice going and why?
    pg. 55-56
  7. When Izzy and the Old Man go out to the movies, what does Steven teach Hollis to do?
    pg. 60
  8. After the radio announcer said it was a foggy day on Long Island, what does Hollis decide to do?
    pg. 63
  9. At the grave, what does Izzy say she wants?
    pg. 64
  10. What does Hollis decide to do before the end of summer?
    pg. 71
  11. What does Josie say she, Henry, and Hollis will do in the silver bullet?
    pg. 76
  12. What does Hollis feel fitting into a new family would be like?
    pg. 79

Section 3

  1. What does Hollis call back over her shoulder to remind Josie?
    pg. 81
  2. What had Hollis learned from running away before?
    pg. 82
  3. What does Hollis know that the mustard woman would do when she really knew that Hollis was missing?
    pg. 86
  4. What does Hollis think will happen if she calls Beatrice?
    pg. 89
  5. Waiting for the Shoreline bus, what is the worst moment for Hollis?
    pg. 90
  6. Why does Hollis raise her hands to her ears when she runs her fingers over the truck?
    pg. 95-96
  7. Why does Hollis feel guilty when eating the cake?
    pg. 99-100
  8. As Hollis serves toast and hot tea, what is Josie wondering?
    pg. 105
  9. What does Hollis see standing among the trees that frightens her?
    pg. 108
  10. What does Hollis know she is going to shout to the world from the top of the Old Man’s mountain?
    pg. 111
  11. What gift does Hollis decide she can give Josie for Christmas?
    pg. 115
  12. What does Hollis wander around searching for?
    pg. 117

Section 4: Chapters 1–3

  1. At the top of the mountain, what does Hollis tell herself?
    pg. 121
  2. When Hollis shows Steven her W picture, how does he describe it?
    pg. 123
  3. When did Steven know Hollis had to stay with them?
    pg. 124
  4. What music does Hollis hear playing inside the cabin?
    pg. 127
  5. What does Hollis want for Christmas?
    pg. 131
  6. Why doesn’t Hollis ask Josie if she picked up Steven’s sweater?
    pg. 132
  7. After staying with the stucco woman most of September, what does she do?
    pg. 137
  8. Why doesn’t Hollis like to think about next year?
    pg. 139
  9. What was the blurry picture on Steven’s dresser?
    pg. 142
  10. What does Hollis remember that Beatrice has told her about her drawings?
    pg. 150
  11. What does Josie tell Hollis that Santa Claus looks like?
    pg. 153
  12. Why does Hollis sign her picture using all three of her names?
    pg. 165
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