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danny the champion of the world

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. Why does Danny love living in the caravan?
    pg. 7
  2. What does Danny think is the source of his father’s special love for him?
    pg. 7
  3. Why is Danny glad that his father is an eye-smiler?
    pg. 9
  4. Even though Danny’s father is not well educated, what is he marvelous at?
    pg. 9
  5. What does Danny’s father decide to do instead of sending him to school at age five?
    pg. 16
  6. What places make up Danny’s world?
    pg. 17
  7. What seven playthings had Danny’s father made for him?
    pg. 22-23
  8. What important realization does Danny come to at the age of nine?
    pg. 24-25
  9. What causes Danny to feel panic for the first time?
    pg. 25-27
  10. What deep dark secret does Danny learn about his father?
    pg. 29
  11. Why wouldn’t Danny’s father fill Mr. Hazell’s car with gas?
    pg. 43-44
  12. How does Mr. Hazell try to prevent poaching on his property?
    pg. 48

Section 2

  1. When his father does not return from poaching, what does Danny decide to do in order to find out what is wrong?
    pg. 51
  2. What two things does Danny do that put him at risk of being caught by the keepers?
    pg. 63-64
  3. Why do the keepers leave Danny’s father in the trap in Hazell’s Wood?
    pg. 67
  4. When the doctor is called, how does Danny’s father explain his injured ankle?
    pg. 78
  5. What does the doctor reveal that makes Danny flabbergasted?
    pg. 78
  6. What does Danny’s father want to do the next day that Danny convinces him not to do?
    pg. 89-87
  7. What event does Mr. Hazell hold each year?
    pg. 89
  8. What deadly secret does Danny’s father reveal to him?
    pg. 90
  9. Why do the keepers go home after the pheasants have roosted?
    pg. 94
  10. What idea does Danny have for catching the pheasants?
    pg. 95
  11. What have Danny and his father talked about on the way to school in the past, and on this Thursday?
    pg. 102-104
  12. What secret do Danny and his friend keep about Mr. Snoddy?
    pg. 109

Section 3

  1. What would Danny’s mother often talk about while she was knitting?
    pg. 121
  2. How often would Danny’s mother go out poaching with his father?
    pg. 122
  3. Why did Danny’s mother go poaching?
    pg. 122
  4. How would Danny’s mother brighten up the caravan?
    pg. 126-127
  5. According to the law, who do wild birds belong too?
    pg. 128
  6. What does Danny’s father do that comforts him when they enter the woods?
    pg. 129
  7. What does Danny’s father love about poaching?
    pg. 136-137
  8. After the encounter with Mr. Rabbetts, what is on Danny’s mind, and what is on his father’s mind?
    pg. 142-143
  9. Why does Danny think that his father sensed his fears?
    pg. 143-144
  10. What do Danny and his father discuss while waiting for the pheasants to drop?
    pg. 145-146
  11. What does Danny compare his father’s joy at picking up the doped pheasants to?
    pg. 150
  12. Why do Danny’s father and Charlie Kinch think they have done the birds a favor?
    pg. 160-161

Section 4

  1. Why was Danny’s father’s face alight with happiness on Friday the thirteenth of September?
    pg. 162
  2. According to Danny’s father, what is the best way to prepare pheasant?
    pg. 165
  3. What does Danny’s father decide to buy in order to prepare the pheasant?
    pg. 164
  4. What side dishes have to be eaten with pheasant?
    pg. 165
  5. Who had the original idea to transport the pheasants in a baby carriage?
    pg. 169
  6. What does Danny mean when he says that his earholes were scorched?
    pg. 181
  7. Why does Sergeant Samways use the word “hen-ticed” instead of “enticed” and why is it ironic in this situation?
    pg. 182-183
  8. How do the men plan to make the pheasants move?
    pg. 189
  9. What direction do the pheasants fly once they regain their senses?
    pg. 186-187
  10. What is Doctor Spencer doing while the pheasants are flying madly around?
    pg. 196-197
  11. Who do Danny and his father plan to invite for a pheasant dinner?
    pg. 202
  12. What request does Danny make at the end of the book?
    pg. 204-205
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