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the white mountains

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What possession does Will’s father treasure?
    pg. 2
  2. Why does Will attempt to avoid a wrestling match with Henry?
    pg. 6
  3. What was one of the things that attracted Jack and Will to the ruins?
    pg. 8
  4. What do you think the words “LECT CITY” on the sign at the ruins mean?
    pg. 9
  5. What did a lot of the trouble between Will and Henry arise from?
    pg. 9
  6. What had Jack seen when he went to visit his Aunt Matilda?
    pg. 13
  7. What is different about Jack after he is Capped?
    pg. 18
  8. What thought continually returns to Will after Jack is Capped?
    pg. 20
  9. Why does Will’s father want him to stay away from the vagrants?
    pg. 25
  10. What does Will learn about the Tripods from Ozymandias?
    pg. 31-32
  11. Why does Ozymandias pose as a vagrant as he travels?
    pg. 35
  12. Why hadn’t the Tripods destroyed all men?
    pg. 37-38
  13. Why does Will wait longer than a week to set out on his journey?
    pg. 40
  14. Why does Will allow Henry to run away with him?
    pg. 45

Section 2

  1. Why doesn’t anyone in Rumney pay attention to Will and Henry?
    pg. 54
  2. When Will is caught in the tavern, how does Rawley know he is not from Rumney?
    pg. 56
  3. Why doesn’t Captain Curtis want his crew to know that Will and Henry are aboard his ship, the Orion?
    pg. 58
  4. Why do the Tripods come so close to the ship?
    pg. 61
  5. Why do Will and Henry decide to bring Zhanpole with them after he helps them escape from the tavern?
    pg. 69
  6. Why had the men from the tavern captured Will and Henry?
    pg. 70
  7. Why does Will think Zhanpole’s aunt and uncle may have been a little afraid of him?
    pg. 71
  8. Why is Zhanpole worried about being capped?
    pg. 71
  9. Why does Will think they have traveled less than one hundred miles on the Schmand-Fair?
    pg. 77
  10. Why are Will, Henry, and Zhanpole afraid to go through the ruined city?
    pg. 78
  11. While exploring the ruins, what type of shop is Will awestruck by?
    pg. 81
  12. What does Henry find inside the underground railway car?
    pg. 87
  13. What does Will dream of while sleeping in the ruined city?
    pg. 95
  14. After coming upon the orchard and farmhouse, what disagreement do Henry and Zhanpole have?
    pg. 100

Section 3

  1. What emergency plan has Beanpole worked out in case they get caught?
    pg. 103
  2. How is the secret plan given away?
    pg. 107
  3. When do Will, Henry, and Zhanpole plan to make their escape?
    pg. 109
  4. What does the Comtesse ask Will once he is well?
    pg. 120
  5. What happens to Will’s watch?
    pg. 126
  6. What does Will say is his reason for staying behind?
    pg. 127
  7. Why does Will think Eloise will be the queen of the tournament?
    pg. 128
  8. Why is Will glad for good weather when he awakes on the day of the tournament?
    pg. 129
  9. What brings fear and uneasiness to Will on the first day of the tournament?
    pg. 132
  10. Why does Eloise come to say good-bye to Will?
    pg. 135
  11. What is the only thing Will remembers of his encounter with the Tripod?
    pg. 140
  12. What does Will remember most clearly about his last visit with Eloise?
    pg. 145
  13. When Will catches up to Henry and Beanpole, why does he decide to let Aristide go?
    pg. 147
  14. Why doesn’t Beanpole want to stay and rest in the hut they find near the vineyard?
    pg. 157

Section 4

  1. What do Henry and Beanpole discover has been done to Will by the Tripod?
    pg. 167-168
  2. After their discovery, what does Henry think about Will?
    pg. 168
  3. Why does Beanpole think Will is not under control of the Tripod?
    pg. 169
  4. What does Will first decide to do to keep the Tripod from catching them?
    pg. 170
  5. What is Beanpole’s solution?
    pg. 171
  6. What does Beanpole decide as the Tripod is discovering their hiding place?
    pg. 177
  7. How is the Tripod stopped?
    pg. 179
  8. After stopping the Tripod, why does Beanpole think they should go quickly?
    pg. 181
  9. How do Will, Henry, and Beanpole hide from the Tripods?
    pg. 188
  10. How long do they have to hide before it is safe to continue on?
    pg. 188-190
  11. Why are the days following their hiding and near capture hard for Will?
    pg. 191
  12. How does Beanpole keep Will’s arm from becoming infected again?
    pg. 192
  13. What causes Will’s legs to feel as though they are buckling?
    pg. 193
  14. What two luxuries do Will, Henry, and Beanpole find at the end of their journey?
    pg. 195
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