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Section 1

  1. How was Nick able to stowaway on Endeavour?
    pg. 1
  2. Why has Nick run away from home?
    pg. 4
  3. Why does Nick have to hide until the ship sails past Spain?
    pg. 7
  4. What is the job of Mr. Banks onboard Endeavour?
    pg. 9
  5. What mission was assigned Endeavour by the Lord High Admiral?
    pg. 11
  6. How had Nick learned about “doctoring”?
    pg. 12
  7. How had Nick’s doctoring skills been useful in the past?
    pg. 12-13
  8. What is an “A.B.”?
    pg. 13
  9. Why does Mr. Bootie resent Nick?
    pg. 213
  10. What does Mr. Bootie have in common with the Butcher?
    pg. 18
  11. Why won’t Nick eat shark?
    pg. 18
  12. What caused Isaac Smith to begin treating Nick like a “mate”?
    pg. 20
  13. Why had Nick been apprenticed to the Butcher by his father?
    pg. 22
  14. How did being ducked in the ocean after crossing the Equinoctial Line help Nick’s reputation among the crew?
    pg. 27-29
  15. While approaching South America, Nick is desperate to see land, why is he also fearful?
    pg. 32
  16. Why is the crew of Endeavour not allowed to disembark in Brasil?
    pg. 35
  17. When John Thurman is whipped for refusing his work, why does Nick force himself to watch?
    pg. 37
  18. Why does John Ramsay say sailors never learn to swim?
    pg. 39
  19. What is Cape Fly Away?
    pg. 49
  20. After reaching King George’s Land, how does Captain Cook change Nick’s status aboard Endeavour?
    pg. 69

Section 2

  1. Why does Mr. Monkhouse kill a native on King George’s Land?
    pg. 71
  2. Why has Endeavour come to King George’s Land?
    pg. 73
  3. What does Nick realize about the value of learning another tongue?
    pg. 75
  4. What single instrument did the success of Endeavour’s entire journey depend on?
    pg. 79
  5. How does Nick explain the native’s thievery?
    pg. 84
  6. Why is Captain Cook disappointed over the readings he takes of Venus?
    pg. 86
  7. Why is Nick whipped?
    pg. 87
  8. How old is Nick in June 1769?
    pg. 88
  9. How are the Huahine (Society Island) natives different from those of O’Tahiti (King George’s Land)?
    pg. 97
  10. What does Captain Cook leave with the chief of Huahine as proof that they were the first Europeans to come ashore there?
    pg. 98
  11. What does Nick miss from home?
    pg. 113
  12. Why does Nick hope he spies land before Mr. Bootie?
    pg. 116
  13. How do the natives on New Continent often react to danger?
    pg. 124
  14. What do the native’s of New Continent seem to value most in trade from the Europeans?
    pg. 126
  15. What stirs Nick to a hunger for books in a way he has never experienced before?
    pg. 128
  16. Why does Nick say he doesn’t care if he never goes ashore on New Continent?
    pg. 131
  17. How do Nick and John Charlton see Tarheto differently?
    pg. 134-135
  18. According to Mr. Banks, what makes the best sauce?
    pg. 136
  19. Why must the Captain punish his own men for stealing from the natives?
    pg. 141

Section 3

  1. Why were Tarheto and Nick afraid to explore New Zealand apart from the others?
    pg. 153
  2. Why do the natives of New Zealand bring their women and children to war?
    pg. 158
  3. How has Samuel Evans’s reading and writing progressed?
    pg. 161
  4. What often causes Nick’ thoughts to be filled with the past instead of the happiness he feels onboard Endeavour?
    pg. 162
  5. Which course do the Captain and officers decide to take home?
    pg. 169
  6. Upon leaving New Zealand, what supplies is Endeavour low on?
    pg. 170
  7. What hope, or dream, kept Nick alive while he apprenticed at the Butchers?
    pg. 172
  8. What happens to Nick when Mr. Bootie catches him teaching Samuel Evans to read?
    pg. 173-175
  9. What does Isaac Smith say to Nick that causes him to say, “So there, Reverend Smythe!”?
    pg. 183
  10. What sign does Nick have that Mr. Bootie’s opinion of him might be changing?
    pg. 189
  11. After freeing Endeavour from the coral, how is it kept from sinking before they reach land?
    pg. 200
  12. What does Nick think the fires on land might be for besides cooking and warmth?
    pg. 204
  13. What do you think the large, mouse colored, very fast animal is that was spotted by some of the men? (hint: New Holland is Australia)
    pg. 207
  14. While Endeavour is being prepared to float after repairs, what happens that causes Mr. Banks to be greatly distressed?
    pg. 208
  15. What has Nick learned about judging people by observing the Captain?
    pg. 222
  16. What does Nick mean when he says, “It’s a wonder what the stomach will allow the mind to accept”?
    pg. 223

Section 4

  1. How long has Endeavour been at sea?
    pg. 234
  2. How is Endeavour nearly destroyed?
    pg. 235
  3. How is Endeavour saved from sinking?
    pg. 236
  4. How is Mr. Bootie’s attitude toward Nick changing?
    pg. 236
  5. Why would Captain not publish an inaccurate chart?
    pg. 240
  6. Why won’t Captain stop for provisions at the Dutch settlement of Concordia?
    pg. 241
  7. What news from home did Captain learn from the Dutch ships off the coast of Java?
    pg. 247
  8. What does Mr. Perry say has kept disease from taking hold of him like everyone else?
    pg. 261
  9. What does Nick say he would gladly trade an entire week of roast pork for?
    pg. 263
  10. What does Samuel Evans hope to come home as?
    pg. 265
  11. Nick chose this voyage to escape his fears and failings. What does he now choose?
    pg. 268
  12. What gift does Endeavour receive from the other English ship anchored off of Table Bay?
    pg. 279
  13. What are the British at the Cape thinking of when they say Endeavour’s voyage was heroic?
    pg. 280
  14. What did Nick want when he boarded Endeavour at the beginning of the voyage?
    pg. 281
  15. What does Mr. Banks tell Nick to do after he has paid his debt back in England?
    pg. 283
  16. How do Isaac Manley and Thomas Jones think differently regarding Nick’s skills and abilities than did Mr. Bootie?
    pg. 283
  17. What does Nick practice as Endeavour gets closer to England?
    pg. 290
  18. How old is Nick at the end of the voyage?
    pg. 293
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