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the westing game

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. How many people were invited to view the apartments at Sunset Towers?
    pg. 2
  2. What bet does Turtle take on?
    pg. 8
  3. What had Sydelle Pulaski hoped for in moving to Sunset Towers?
    pg. 15
  4. How had Mr. Westing made his fortune?
    pg. 18
  5. What tragedies had Mr. Westing experienced?
    pg. 19
  6. What do the heirs need to do in order to claim Mr. Westing’s fortune?
    pg. 31
  7. What is special about each team’s set of clues?
    pg. 36
  8. What pair does not immediately look at their clues and why?
    pg. 37
  9. What idea does Theo have regarding the clues?
    pg. 46
  10. What conclusions does J.J. Ford come to concerning the death of Mr. Westing, and the motive for his will?
    pg. 48

Section 2

  1. What information does the newspaperman give the judge regarding Mr.Hoo?
    pg. 57
  2. What clue does Chris think he might have found?
    pg. 64
  3. What observation does Turtle make about adults in general, and about Angela and Sydelle in particular?
    pg. 70
  4. According to the judge’s information, which people have connections with Mr. Westing?
    pg. 71
  5. What two new clues does Angela obtain and how does she acquire them?
    pg. 87
  6. What clue does Mrs. Baumbach find and keep to herself?
    pg. 88
  7. Who breaks up the discussion with his opinion of Mr. Westing’s murder, and what is the opinion?
    pg. 88-89
  8. What knowledge of the Westing family does Sandy reveal to the judge?
    pg. 93-94
  9. In the discussion as to the bomber’s identity, which two people are not suspected?
    pg. 98
  10. What does Sydelle realize about her partner?
    pg. 99

Section 3

  1. What theory does Theo come up with based on his clues?
    pg. 102
  2. What conclusion does the judge come to when looking at Sydelle Pulaski’s bio-information?
    pg. 108
  3. Why does Mrs. Baumbach give Chris one of her clues?
    pg. 111
  4. What proposal does Dr. Deere offer Chris?
    pg. 111
  5. After first thinking that Mr. Hoo is the bomber, why does Crow change her mind?
    pg. 115
  6. Why does Chris reveal one of Turtle’s clues to Angela?
    pg. 115
  7. What revelation does the judge have regarding Mrs. Wexler and Crow?
    pg. 117
  8. What connection is revealed between the judge and Mr. Westing?
    pg. 125-126
  9. Why does Turtle try to convince everyone that she is the bomber?
    pg. 128
  10. While talking to the judge, what information does Turtle reveal?
    pg. 128-129

Section 4

  1. What does Theo reveal about Sandy?
    pg. 155
  2. Why does the judge ask if Theo had checkmated his opponent?
    pg. 156
  3. What makes Turtle realize the game is still being played?
    pg. 156
  4. In holding a trial, what does Turtle hope to prove?
    pg. 159
  5. What does the appearance of a receipt at the trial reveal?
    pg. 166
  6. In Turtle’s closing arguments what does she reveal about Mr. Westing and the game?
    pg. 167
  7. What does Mr. Westing bequeath to each of the heirs?
    pg. 168
  8. What was the purpose of the great winter fireworks display?
    pg. 172
  9. How does Turtle finally solve the entire puzzle?
    pg. 172-173
  10. What is significant about Angela naming her daughter Alice?
    pg. 182
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