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the thief lord

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. Who are Victor’s new clients and what do they want him to find?
    pg. 10
  2. Who is the girl that Prosper and Bo have made friends with and what do they like about her?
    pg. 15
  3. Where do the children call home?
    pg. 21
  4. What are some of the things that Scipio claims to have stolen?
    pg. 33
  5. What is Riccio curious about in Barbarossa’s shop? Is he right?
    pg. 39-41
  6. Why does Riccio think it’s great being young?
    pg. 53
  7. Why is Victor annoyed as he is hobbling home?
    pg. 54
  8. What does Scipio decide to do about the job? Did the others agree with him?
    pg. 60
  9. What does Prosper decide about the detective while he sits on the topmost step late at night?
    pg. 63
  10. How does Hornet propose they avoid being recognized by Victor?
    pg. 66
  11. What condition does Barbarossa tell Riccio the Thief Lord must comply with?
    pg. 70
  12. What disguise does Victor use to spy on the children in St. Mark’s Square?
    pg. 71
  13. What challenge does the Conte give the Thief Lord?
    pg. 79
  14. How does Victor manage to obtain so much information from Bo?
    pg. 87-89

Section 2

  1. Why does Scipio scold Bo when Prosper returns with him?
    pg. 91
  2. Why is Prosper so worried about the fact that Victor might be following them?
    pg. 94
  3. How does Hornet distract Victor so that Bo and Prosper can escape?
    pg. 100
  4. What surprises the children about the letter that the Conte gave Scipio?
    pg. 103-104
  5. Why does Prosper not want Bo to help with the burglary?
    pg. 106
  6. What does Victor vow to accomplish?
    pg. 110
  7. What does Victor discover about Scipio while visiting Doctor Massimo?
    pg. 114
  8. What happens to Victor when he discovers the children’s hideout in the theater?
    pg. 126
  9. Why does Bo tell Victor that he doesn’t need his aunt to look after him?
    pg. 133
  10. How does Riccio get into the Casa Spavento?
    pg. 142
  11. What happens when Hornet, Prosper, and Riccio are in Victor’s office?
    pg. 145
  12. What do the children discover when they go to Fondamenta Bollani 223?
    pg. 156
  13. Who do the children discover after breaking into the Casa Spavento?
    pg. 178
  14. What old story does Ida Spavento tell the children about the wing?
    pg. 178

Section 3

  1. After the children leave Ida Spavento’s house, why do they want Scipio to go home?
    pg. 185
  2. When Prosper, Bo, and Hornet visit Barbarossa, why is he in such a bad temper?
    pg. 189
  3. What information does Barbarossa try to obtain from Bo?
    pg. 189
  4. What happens when Victor tries to reason with Esther and Max Hartlieb?
    pg. 198
  5. Where did the Conte’s boat lead the children and Ida?
    pg. 209
  6. What is guarding the entry of Isola Segreta?
    pg. 210
  7. When Prosper, Riccio, and Mosca return to the theater, what does the note they find say?
    pg. 215
  8. What sight awaits Scipio when he walks through the gate of his house?
    pg. 219
  9. Why do Riccio, Mosco, and Victor go to Signora Spavento’s house?
    pg. 231
  10. How do Victor and Ida rescue Hornet from the orphanage?
    pg. 237
  11. How does Riccio convince Prosper to come back to Ida’s with him?
    pg. 243
  12. Who shows up while Prosper is sitting outside in Ida’s boat and what does he propose?
    pg. 249
  13. What frightening things happen to Scipio and Prosper on the Isola Segreta?
    pg. 255
  14. What news does Victor receive from Esther after midnight and what does he do about it?
    pg. 260

Section 4

  1. What worries Victor when he brings Bo back to Ida’s house?
    pg. 266
  2. What happens to Prosper and Scipio when they wake up in the morning on the Isola Segreta?
    pg. 269
  3. What secret do Prosper and Scipio discover about the Conte and his sister?
    pg. 270
  4. Why have Renzo and Morosina been so eager to find the lion’s wing?
    pg. 276
  5. Why does Scipio need to change his clothes before he gets on the merry-go-round?
    pg. 277
  6. Why does Scipio look familiar to Prosper after he jumps off the merry-go-round?
    pg. 279
  7. How does Scipio use his new look to his advantage?
    pg. 281
  8. Why does Scipio convince Barbarossa to take a ride on the merry-go-round?
    pg. 282
  9. What damage does Barbarossa inflict upon the merry-go-round?
    pg. 285
  10. What deal does Renzo make with Barbarossa?
    pg. 292
  11. Why doesn’t Barbarossa want to spend the night alone?
    pg. 299
  12. How does Ida convince Esther to complete the plan?
    pg. 321
  13. How do Esther and Barbarossa get along?
    pg. 331
  14. When Victor encounters Scipio outside Barbarossa’s shop, what does Scipio propose?
    pg. 340
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