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the seven wonders of sassafras springs

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. While Eben is daydreaming, what does Aunt Pretty tell him to do?
    pg. 2
  2. What is Eben reading about on the porch?
    pg. 4
  3. What does Aunt Pretty say could be one of the Wonders of Sassafras Springs?
    pg. 5
  4. Why does Eben spend so much time thinking about foreign places?
    pg. 7
  5. What does Eben’s book say that a Wonder really is?
    pg. 9
  6. What deal does Pa make with Eben?
    pg. 11
  7. How does Eben plan to go looking for Wonders?
    pg. 14
  8. What does Pa do that Eben counts as a Wonder?
    pg. 14
  9. Why can’t Jeb accompany Eben on his search for Wonders?
    pg. 18
  10. After leaving Jeb’s house, what does Eben recall that encourages him?
    pg. 18
  11. What gifts did Mrs. Pritchard sometimes receive for Christmas when she was a little girl?
    pg. 27
  12. In her story, what is the first thing Mrs. Pritchard sees when she wakes up on Christmas morning?
    pg. 29
  13. What is the first real Wonder of Sassafras Springs found by Eben?
    pg. 34

Section 2

  1. What does Eben think about while he is weeding corn?
    pg. 36
  2. What does the Saylor house have that no other house in Sassafras Springs has?
    pg. 38
  3. Why doesn’t anyone in Sassafras Springs want to hire Cully as a handyman?
    pg. 45
  4. What is the second Wonder of Sassafras Springs found by Eben?
    pg. 61
  5. What had happened to Holt Nickerson, who Aunt Pretty had wanted to marry?
    pg. 66
  6. Why doesn’t Jeb want to travel the world with Eben?
    pg. 71
  7. Who does Eben see on his way to the general store?
    pg. 76
  8. Why does Eben feel “in a spot” when Violet Rowan invites him to come see something wonderful?
    pg. 80
  9. What encouragement does Eben get from Hiram Yount at the general store?
    pg. 81
  10. On the way home from town, what strange sound does Eben discover coming from the church?
    pg. 85
  11. How had Calvin Smiley gotten rid of the grasshoppers that attacked his farm when he was a boy?
    pg. 90
  12. What is the third Wonder of Sassafras Springs found by Eben?
    pg. 92

Section 3

  1. What Wonder does Junior Watkins show to Eben?
    pg. 99
  2. What gift does Aunt Pretty have Eben take to the Rowan’s?
    pg. 102
  3. Why did Rose-Ivy think she had survived the illness that had killed her parents?
    pg. 107
  4. What did Rose-Ivy discover in the graveyard when she went to look for the ghost?
    pg. 110
  5. Why does Jacob Coogan have the respect of the other kids?
    pg. 124
  6. What is the Pitt family’s favorite trick?
    pg. 131
  7. What Wonder does Rae Ellen bring to show Eben?
    pg. 143
  8. What had Uncle Dutch found at sea that he hadn’t thought of?
    pg. 144
  9. What does Eben give Rae Ellen in exchange for the story of her Wonder?
    pg. 151
  10. What does Eben find in the kitchen when he wakes up late on Tuesday?
    pg. 157
  11. What happens to Eben while he and his friends are taking the watermelon they find?
    pg. 163
  12. What is the sixth Wonder of Sassafras Springs found by Eben?
    pg. 175

Section 4

  1. What news does Pa receive from his cousin in Colorado?
    pg. 181
  2. What does Aunt Pretty show Pa and Eben after hearing Eben’s stories?
    pg. 183
  3. What do Pa and Eben agree on after seeing Aunt Pretty’s Wonder?
    pg. 185
  4. Where does Eben go to find his seventh Wonder?
    pg. 185
  5. What Wonder does Eben find at Uncle Alf’s?
    pg. 187
  6. How had Uncle Alf learned to carve?
    pg. 192
  7. What does Eben discover about the future by looking at the model of Sassafras Springs?
    pg. 194
  8. What happened to the loom that belonged to Uncle Alf’s grandma?
    pg. 196
  9. What does Aunt pretty arrange for Eben to do since he can’t go to Colorado?
    pg. 201
  10. What Wonder does Eben not want to miss in St. Louis?
    pg. 206
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