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half magic

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. Why doesn’t Miss Bick ever take the children to the lake?
    pg. 2
  2. What is the library’s summer checkout policy?
    pg. 3
  3. What two things do the children hate “above all”?
    pg. 4
  4. What rule had Jane and Mark made that was changed this summer?
    pg. 4
  5. According to the children, what is the best way to pretend?
    pg. 7
  6. What does Jane first accidentally wish?
    pg. 9
  7. Why does it take the children a long time to run the eight blocks to the fire?
    pg. 9
  8. What picture does Aunt Grace first show Alison?
    pg. 18
  9. What had Katharine predicted that Aunt Grace would say to Alison?
    pg. 18
  10. What does Alison think is sinister about the face of the man that stops to offer her a ride?
    pg. 22
  11. According to the man that gives Alison a ride, what is the trouble with life?
    pg. 23
  12. What is Jane waiting up to ask her mother?
    pg. 24
  13. When Jane realizes she has a “magic thing,” what kind of summer does she think it will be?
    pg. 27

Section 2

  1. What is Carrie the cat’s main purpose?
    pg. 30-31
  2. What does Martha first feel a wish for?
    pg. 31
  3. What does Mark sometimes get tired of in the family?
    pg. 32
  4. What does Jane realize about the nickel she has found?
    pg. 35
  5. Why do the girls decide to head south on Maplewood Avenue to search for Mark?
    pg. 39
  6. What is Mark’s first wish?
    pg. 40
  7. When the children have to leave the lost charm behind and go with Achmed, what do they use to mark the spot?
    pg. 47
  8. Where does Mark end up finding the magic charm?
    pg. 49-50
  9. After retuning home, why is Katharine allowed to have the first wish?
    pg. 59
  10. Who does Sir Launcelot think the children are?
    pg. 62
  11. When Katharine challenges Sir Launcelot in the tournament, what does she forget to wish for?
    pg. 68
  12. What warning does Merlin give the children about the magic charm?
    pg. 89
  13. After returning home, how do the children know that they have not been dreaming?
    pg. 93

Section 3

  1. After returning from their medieval adventure, why don’t the children make their next wish right away?
    pg. 95
  2. What type of story do the children want to hear at bedtime?
    pg. 96
  3. What two things does Jane want most in the world?
    pg. 97
  4. Why do the children hate Charlie Chaplin?
    pg. 100
  5. What does Jane stumble upon when she enters the jeweler’s shop?
    pg. 109
  6. Who does Martha meet in the bookstore?
    pg. 111
  7. Based on his beard, what does Martha think the small gentleman is?
    pg. 112
  8. Why is Jane upset about Mr. Smith?
    pg. 114
  9. What do the three children, Mark, Katharine, and Martha, think they should do before making another wish?
    pg. 115
  10. What does Jane wish?
    pg. 115
  11. Why do the other three children decide to tell Mr. Smith about what has happened to Jane?
    pg. 136
  12. What is the main color, inside and out, of the house that Jane goes into?
    pg. 139
  13. After the children return home with Mr. Smith, why can’t their mother stay upset for very long?
    pg. 154

Section 4

  1. What does Katharine think ought to be done with the charm?
    pg. 156
  2. According to Katharine, what is it about box lunches that makes them sound so delicious?
    pg. 158
  3. Why does Martha think her mother couldn’t be crying?
    pg. 159
  4. What announcement does Mr. Smith make to the children (with their help)?
    pg. 163
  5. Why does Mother tell Mr. Smith that she cannot marry him?
    pg. 164
  6. How does Jane plan to help her mother?
    pg. 164
  7. What reason does Katharine give for the children not revealing the charm to their mother?
    pg. 167
  8. What does Mark remember being the heart’s desire of his mother?
    pg. 168
  9. What does Katharine say is the heart’s desire of her mother?
    pg. 170
  10. What does Martha think was the trouble with the wishes they made for their mother?
    pg. 174
  11. What is Mr. Smith’s suggestion for what ought to be done?
    pg. 176
  12. What is Jane’s final wish?
    pg. 183
  13. What finally happens to the charm?
    pg. 188
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