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the witch of blackbird pond

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. Where does Kit sail from onboard the Dolphin?
    pg. 2
  2. Why is Kit sad to see Mistress Eaton leave the Dolphin when they arrive in Connecticut?
    pg. 4
  3. Why is John Holbrook headed to Wethersfield?
    pg. 12
  4. Why does Nat advise Kit not to swim in Connecticut?
    pg. 14
  5. How does John Holbrook spend his time while the Dolphin is sailing upriver?
    pg. 17
  6. Why isn’t Kit met by anyone when the Dolphin arrives at Wethersfield?
    pg. 27
  7. Why is Nat proud that the Dolphin stinks of horses?
    pg. 23
  8. What happened to Kit’s parents?
    pg. 19
  9. What warning does John Holbrook give to Kit about her Aunt Rachel?
    pg. 20
  10. According to John Holbrook, what is the purpose of reading?
    pg. 25
  11. Who does Aunt Rachel think Kit is when she first sees her?
    pg. 30
  12. Why hadn’t Kit written to her relatives before she arrived?
    pg. 36
  13. Why had Kit left Barbados so quickly?
    pg. 47
  14. Why was Judith outraged when the family was headed out for Meeting (Church)?
    pg. 52

Section 2

  1. What does Reverend Bulkeley accuse Matthew Wood of?
    pg. 61
  2. What was Reverend Bulkeley implying by the Bible verse he suggested be read?
    pg. 63
  3. What does Kit notice when she peaks during Reverend Bulkeley’s prayer?
    pg. 63
  4. Why does Judith quickly change her jealous attitude about William Ashby calling on Kit?
    pg. 67
  5. Why does the Assembly want all the land of Hartford County to be claimed by its citizens?
    pg. 69
  6. Why did Judith and Mercy believe that William Ashby intended to court Kit?
    pg. 72
  7. Who lives at the edge of Blackbird Pond?
    pg. 77
  8. What has Dr. Bulkeley recommended Kit do during the coming summer?
    pg. 79
  9. What does Kit discover about Rachel’s past that causes her to forget her own bitterness?
    pg. 81-82
  10. What does Hannah Tupper say is the reason she lives at Blackbird Pond?
    pg. 91
  11. What does Kit discover at Hannah Tupper’s that reminds her of Barbados?
    pg. 94-95
  12. Why doesn’t anyone in Wethersfield have anything to do with Hannah Tupper?
    pg. 99
  13. How can Kit tell when she says something that shocks William?
    pg. 101
  14. How did Nat and Hannah first meet?
    pg. 108

Section 3

  1. How does Mercy avoid being sad about all the things that she cannot do?
    pg. 112
  2. What three things make up Hannah’s cure for every ill?
    pg. 117
  3. Why does Prudence want to go back to Hannah’s?
    pg. 118
  4. What does Kit see in Mercy while John is reading to the family?
    pg. 122
  5. How does Rachel surprise Kit when she goes off to visit Hannah?
    pg. 124
  6. What does Nat think causes the Puritans to be so solemn?
    pg. 128
  7. After helping Nat thatch Hannah’s roof, what causes Kit’s happy mood to dissolve?
    pg. 129-130
  8. What is Matthew’s reaction toward Kit when she returns from thatching Hannah’s roof?
    pg. 132-133
  9. What information does John Holbrook surprise Kit with while talking on the road?
    pg. 139
  10. What beautiful surprise does Kit see in October?
    pg. 148
  11. How does Nat learn about William Ashby’s intentions toward Kit?
    pg. 150-151
  12. What meetings begin to take place at Matthew’s house?
    pg. 155
  13. vWhat does Judith think has happened to the Charter?
    pg. 162
  14. Why does Kit begin to become proud of Matthew?
    pg. 163

Section 4

  1. Why were they not able to celebrate Thanksgiving in Wethersfield?
    pg. 164
  2. Why wasn’t Hannah worried that Nat was banished from Wethersfield?
    pg. 169
  3. Why does John Holbrook enlist in the militia?
    pg. 176
  4. Why doesn’t Kit get as sick as everyone else who has the fever?
    pg. 178
  5. What is Dr. Bulkeley’s treatment for the fever?
    pg. 181
  6. After saving her from the mob, why didn’t Kit take Hannah back to her uncle’s house?
    pg. 189
  7. Why does Nat think Kit refuses to come onboard the Dolphin with Hannah?
    pg. 193
  8. vHow do some of the townspeople explain Hannah’s disappearance?
    pg. 198
  9. Who does Kit hope will come visit and comfort her in jail? Who finally comes?
    pg. 203-204
  10. What is brought as the final evidence of the accusations against Kit?
    pg. 213
  11. When Prudence comes forward as a witness at the hearing, what difference does Kit see in her?
    pg. 217
  12. What brings an end to the festivities of Thankful Peabody’s wedding celebration?
    pg. 232-233
  13. vWhat dream does Kit try to keep alive to help her forget her loneliness?
    pg. 236
  14. What is the name of Nat’s new ship and who is it named for?
    pg. 248-249
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