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perloo the bold

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What message does Lucabara bring to Perloo?
    pg. 7
  2. Why does Perloo think that Jolaine does not want to talk to him anymore?
    pg. 11-12
  3. What does Berwig try to find out from Perloo?
    pg. 24
  4. What does Jolaine want for the future of Montmers?
    pg. 42
  5. What does Jolaine fear Berwig will do?
    pg. 42
  6. What promise does Jolaine ask Perloo to make regarding Montmers?
    pg. 44
  7. What is the last thing Jolaine does before she dies?
    pg. 47
  8. What happens to the proclamation?
    pg. 49
  9. Why had Senyous been dismissed from Jolaine’s service?
    pg. 55
  10. What lie had Senyous convinced Berwig of?
    pg. 57

Section 2

  1. Why does Berwig think that his situation is precarious?
    pg. 64
  2. What does Senyous think that Jolaine’s proclamation could possibly say?
    pg. 66
  3. What excuse does Berwig give for suspending all tribal freedoms and liberties?
    pg. 75
  4. How do Perloo and Lucabara escape from the kitchen?
    pg. 81-82
  5. What does Perloo tell Fergwink he will do if he escapes?
    pg. 81
  6. What does Perloo do right before escaping into the storm that gives him a little courage?
    pg. 82
  7. What does Lucabara believe about Felbarts?
    pg. 84
  8. What do Montmers do as a sign of surrender?
    pg. 95-96
  9. What does Perloo recall while in Weyanto’s jail?
    pg. 107-108
  10. Why doesn’t Berwig want Senyous to read the altered proclamation of Jolaine to the Montmers?
    pg. 113

Section 3

  1. What was clear to Perloo about Berwig’s letter? What was not clear?
    pg. 124
  2. According to Perloo, why had Granter Wentlow waged war?
    pg. 125
  3. Why doesn’t Perloo want to escape from Weyanto’s prison along with Lucabara?
    pg. 126
  4. While giving a speech to the Montmer warriors, what lie does Berwig tell regarding Perloo and Lucabara?
    pg. 132
  5. How does Senyous respond to any questions the Montmer warriors ask Berwig?
  6. What does Perloo choose to do when the opportunity for escape comes?
    pg. 140-141
  7. Once she escapes, to whom does Lucabara realize she is loyal?
    pg. 144-145
  8. What does Lucabara come to realize about Perloo?
    pg. 144
  9. How do Senyous’ and Berwig’s plans for the war differ?
    pg. 151-154
  10. How does Lucabara plan to escape from The Central Tribe Burrow prison?
    pg. 163

Section 4

  1. What is Weyanto’s solution for avoiding a war?
    pg. 175
  2. What do the Felbart warriors think of Perloo’s fighting skills?
    pg. 179
  3. What do many of the Montmers think of the war?
  4. What does Berwig do with the challenge Senyous had written?
    pg. 183
  5. How does Lucabara escape from prison?
    pg. 187-190
  6. Upon arriving at the battlefield, what are the first words spoken by the Montmers to the Felbarts?
    pg. 195
  7. What claim does Gumpel make regarding her position?
    pg. 201
  8. What does Senyous call Perloo when they face-off for the challenge?
    pg. 208
  9. What skill of Perloo gives him victory in the challenge?
    pg. 210
  10. What three announcements does Perloo make to the Montmers after Berwig and Senyous are taken away?
    pg. 221-222
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