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the wonderful flight to the mushroom planet

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What does David do every night when he goes to bed?
    pg. 4
  2. Why does David’s mother wink at him when she gives him her scissors?
    pg. 6
  3. Why do David and Chuck need to keep their plans secret?
    pg. 9
  4. What kind of planet does David want to find?
    pg. 10
  5. In what way does Mr. Bass think he is like a child?
    pg. 16
  6. Why doesn’t David want to look for Thallo Street with Chuck?
    pg. 21
  7. What does Chuck hate more than anything?
    pg. 22
  8. How does Chuck avoid having to flatten all the tin cans needed to cover the spaceship?
    pg. 23
  9. Why is Mrs. Topman worried about her son, David?
    pg. 27
  10. What happens to Mr. Topman when he finds Mr. Bass’s house on Thallo Street?
    pg. 30
  11. What do Chuck and David notice about their spaceship on the way to Mr. Bass’s house?
    pg. 32
  12. How does Mr. Bass respond when he sees David and Chuck’s spaceship?
    pg. 36

Section 2

  1. What does David think is strange about Mr. Bass?
    pg. 38
  2. What has Mr. Bass’s family always done for a living?
    pg. 39
  3. What do David and Chuck see on the walls of Mr. Bass’s living room?
    pg. 40
  4. What peculiar belief does Mr. Bass have about himself that he reveals to David and Chuck?
  5. Why does Mr. Bass think he is from another planet?
    pg. 41
  6. Why hadn’t Mr. Bass’s planet been discovered?
    pg. 42
  7. Why does Mr. Bass choose children to build the spaceship?
    pg. 52
  8. Why do David and Chuck need to blast-off exactly at midnight?
    pg. 60
  9. Why is David worried about meeting the mushroom people?
    pg. 62
  10. Why doesn’t Mr. Bass go on the voyage himself?
    pg. 63
  11. What two things do Dave and Chuck forget to bring to the space ship launch?
    pg. 70
  12. Why was it silent inside the space ship?
    pg. 76
  13. Why does the space ship need to travel at 25,000 miles per hour?
    pg. 81

Section 3

  1. What strange thing happens to David before landing on Basidium-X?
    pg. 85
  2. What does Chuck do when he first gets out of the spaceship?
    pg. 88
  3. What happens while David and Chuck are eating outside the spaceship?
    pg. 90
  4. Why are Mebe and Oru crying when they first meet David and Chuck?
    pg. 94
  5. How does David stop the argument between Mebe and Oru?
    pg. 95
  6. According to Mebe, what is the Trouble on Basidium-X?
    pg. 97
  7. What does Ta believe has caused the Trouble on Basidium-X?
    pg. 98
  8. Why doesn’t David tell the mushroom people how his clothes were made?
    pg. 107
  9. What is David’s first idea for solving the Trouble on Basidium-X?
    pg. 113
  10. What does Chuck realize the Trouble is on Basidium-X?
    pg. 123
  11. What gift does David ask Ta for as he and Chuck are getting ready to leave Basidium-X?
    pg. 130
  12. Why doesn’t David want to tell the world about Basidium-X?
    pg. 138

Section 4

  1. During their landing on earth, what do David and Chuck fear will happen due to the storm?
    pg. 147
  2. What do David and Chuck see on the beach as they are about to land?
    pg. 150
  3. What is the first thing Mr. Bass asks the boys to show him after they have landed?
    pg. 154
  4. Why does Mr. Bass want to wait until the next day to hear about the journey to Basidium-X?
    pg. 155-156
  5. What makes David a little sad when he gets home?
    pg. 159
  6. What do David and his mother hear on the morning news?
    pg. 167
  7. What does David find at the beach when he returns to check on the spaceship?
    pg. 170
  8. Why had Mr. Bass “always said he’d blow away some time”?
  9. What does Cap’n Tom find in the cellar of Mr. Bass’s house?
    pg. 183
  10. How does Mr. Bass wish for his house and property to be used?
    pg. 185
  11. Why do the boys choose Cap’n Tom to be the President of the Society of Young Astronomers and Students of Space Travel?
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