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macaroni boy

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What does Mike wish as he kicks the empty tin can?
    pg. 3
  2. What does Mike’s family do for a living?
    pg. 5
  3. What does Mike think of catfish?
    pg. 6
  4. What did Mike’s grandpa do for him when Mike was younger and woke up scared?
    pg. 9-10
  5. What was Grandpap like when he was younger?
    pg. 10
  6. What is Mike’s third wish from the genie?
    pg. 13
  7. What is Mike’s job at the family store every morning?
    pg. 16
  8. What new nickname does Simms give Macaroni Boy?
    pg. 24
  9. Why does Joseph toss the rat into the trash?
    pg. 25
  10. Why was Grandpap so upset when Mike returned from Klavon’s?
    pg. 32
  11. Why didn’t Mike’s family lose any money in the stock market crash of 1929?
    pg. 36
  12. What does Mike hear his family discussing that troubles him?
    pg. 40

Section 2

  1. Why were Mike and Joseph fighting Simms and three of his pals?
    pg. 46-47
  2. What were the consequences for fighting at school?
    pg. 49
  3. Why does mopping the younger boy’s washroom after school not seem so bad to Mike?
    pg. 50
  4. Why does Grandpap not want Mike to tell his mother he is sick?
    pg. 53
  5. What does Mike’s dad say about the hobos they see helping themselves to crates full of apples and oranges?
    pg. 61
  6. According to Joseph, what do green bananas have to do with the explosion at the warehouse?
    pg. 65
  7. What did Mike forget to tell his parents about Grandpap the night of the explosion?
    pg. 66
  8. While trying to figure out who blew up the warehouse with Joseph, what makes Mike laugh so hard his stomach hurts?
    pg. 68
  9. Why does Mike get blamed for the banana mess?
    pg. 75
  10. How does Mike’s dad convince Sister Mary Ted to believe Mike didn’t make the banana mess?
    pg. 76-77
  11. What does Mike fear when he learns Joseph’s father thinks the hobos were poisoned?
    pg. 85

Section 3

  1. How does Grandpap respond to the discussion about seeing a doctor?
    pg. 88
  2. Why does Mike lie to his dad when he brings Grandpap home?
    pg. 91
  3. How does Tony feel about the family business?
    pg. 95
  4. How did Joseph earn the ten cents that he jingled in his pocket?
    pg. 98-99
  5. What does Mike want to tell Joseph after school?
    pg. 104
  6. What “hidden stuff” are Mike and Joseph looking for in the strip?
    pg. 106
  7. Why does Mike think Joseph is able to ask Cap Billy questions in such a nice way?
    pg. 111
  8. What does Mike decide to do with the live street rat caught in the trap?
    pg. 116
  9. What makes the squeaking sound that comes from Mike’s desk?
    pg. 126
  10. When the rat survives the first experiment, what do Mike and Joseph try next?
    pg. 127
  11. When Mike and Joseph are on Herr’s Island what does Mike realize he can never do?
    pg. 130
  12. What happens to Mike and Joseph when they are spying on the moonshiners?
    pg. 135

Section 4

  1. Why do Mike and Joseph tell the moonshiners they are spying on them?
    pg. 135
  2. Why do the moonshiners decide to sell Mike and Joseph the hooch?
    pg. 135
  3. Who do Mike and Joseph say gave them the tip about the location of the moonshiners?
    pg. 137
  4. Why do Mike’s eyes sting when he promises to write Tony?
    pg. 142
  5. When Mike checked Sneaky, why did he think they had found the answer to the mystery?
    pg. 143
  6. After making the rounds and meeting Joseph, what are Mike’s three good omens?
    pg. 143
  7. What happens to Andy Simms as a result of Mike giving his name to the moonshiners?
    pg. 149
  8. What does Mike discover when he goes to hide in the bathroom?
    pg. 151
  9. How does Mike get the idea to act polite to Andy?
    pg. 156
  10. What do Mike and Andy agree to trade with each other?
    pg. 161-162
  11. How does Mike’s dad catch him stealing macaroni and cheese?
    pg. 170
  12. Why does Mike’s father tear up the I.O.U. that Mike had given him for the macaroni and cheese.?
    pg. 173-174
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