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i am david

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What instructions does the man give to David?
    pg. 1
  2. What article does David request from the man?
    pg. 3
  3. What has David desired to do since he was little?
    pg. 4
  4. What does David realize after reaching the thicket?
    pg. 7
  5. What memory enters David’s mind while riding in the back of the truck?
    pg. 18-19
  6. While on the boat, what does David realize that causes him to be filled with loneliness?
    pg. 28-29
  7. By the end of chapter one, what does David desire?
    pg. 29
  8. As David prepares himself to interact with people, what does he realize he must have?
    pg. 43
  9. When David assesses his situation, what advantages and disadvantages does he think he has?
    pg. X
  10. What belief grows stronger for David with the passing of time?
    pg. X

Section 2

  1. What important article does David lose?
    pg. 66
  2. What god does David choose and how does he choose?
    pg. 68
  3. When David meets the man and woman on the road, why does he want to know if the country they come from has a king?
    pg. 73-74
  4. What observation does the woman make about David?
    pg. 74
  5. What two reasons does David have for wanting to find a mirror?
    pg. 77
  6. What could David no longer think of giving up?
    pg. 83
  7. What two things does David ask God for?
    pg. 92
  8. In chapter 4, what strange new sound does David hear?
    pg. 97-98
  9. When David is being attacked by Carlo, why doesn’t he defend himself?
    pg. 99-100
  10. What does David realize he is doing for the first time after he rescues Maria?
    pg. 112

Section 3

  1. What is David learning about language and the use of words?
    pg. 131
  2. Why does David ask for a book that was published before 1917?
    pg. 133
  3. What does David decide about Carlo and why?
    pg. 134
  4. Which of the children does David feel most at ease with, and why do you think this is so?
    pg. 140
  5. What does David think sounds more wonderful than anything in the world except sunshine and beauty?
    pg. 141
  6. What does the milk cause David to remember and how does this affect his opinion of “the man” in the camp?
    pg. 146
  7. What revelation does the priest give David regarding David’s God?
    pg. 172-173
  8. What offer does the Priest make to David and what does David ask for instead?
    pg. 175
  9. What does David realize has changed about himself since he has lived in a house with a family?
    pg. 179
  10. What can David no longer do that was essential for his survival in a concentration camp?
    pg. 191

Section 4

  1. How had the man helped David in the camp?
    pg. 198
  2. How do David and King become friends and who makes the first move toward friendship?
    pg. 205
  3. Why does the farmer try to hide the fact that spring is coming?
    pg. 209
  4. Why does David become angry with God and what lesson does he realize God is trying to teach him?
    pg. 210-211
  5. How does King protect David and how does this affect David?
    pg. 213
  6. What does David frequently have to do that makes him uncomfortable?
    pg. X
  7. What should David have noticed about the three people he met on the road?
    pg. X
  8. In David’s prayer to God, what does he ask for?
    pg. 231
  9. After blaming himself for King’s fate, what does David come to realize?
    pg. 233-234
  10. What does David realize as soon as the door of the woman’s house is opened?
    pg. 239
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