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the iron giant

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. Where had the Iron Giant come from?
    pg. 1
  2. How does the author use personification to describe the wind? (see page 1.9 for definition of personification)
    pg. 1
  3. What similes does the author use in describing the Iron Giant’s head? (see page 1.9 for definition of simile)
    pg. 1
  4. What happened to the Iron Giant while he was gazing at the sea?
    pg. 2
  5. How does the author use personification to describe the sea?
    pg. 3
  6. Who knew the Iron Giant had fallen?
    pg. 4
  7. What did the hands and eyes set out to do?
    pg. 7
  8. What color are the Iron Giant’s eyes?
    pg. 11
  9. What time of day is it when the Iron Giant goes looking for his lost ear?
    pg. 10
  10. What is the Iron Giant hoping to find as he walks out to sea?
    pg. 10

Section 2

  1. What does Hogarth do when he sees the Iron Giant?
    pg. 14
  2. Describe the farmer who does not believe Hogarth’s father?
    pg. 14
  3. How does the second farmer say they will be able to find the Iron Giant?
    pg. 14
  4. How does Hogarth’s father and the farmer know the Iron Giant has visited the farm?
    pg. 15
  5. While Hogarth’s father is driving home, what reaches toward his windshield, and how does he respond?
    pg. 16
  6. How does the author describe the farmers as they follow the Iron Giant’s footprints?
    pg. 18
  7. What fears do the furious farmers have when they realize the Iron Giant has gone back into the sea?
    pg. 19
  8. After so much time passed, why don’t the farmers want to fill in the giant hole?
    pg. 23
  9. How does Hogarth lure the Iron Giant toward the trap?
    pg. 26
  10. How does Hogarth feel about the Iron Giant being buried in the pit?
    pg. 31

Section 3

  1. What are the signs of spring?
    pg. 32
  2. What is the hill often used for?
    pg. 33
  3. What does the picnicking family think was causing the ground to shake?
    pg. 34
  4. What does the picnicking father urge his family to do when the iron hand emerges from the widening crack in the earth?
    pg. 37
  5. What is the reaction of the farmers when they first realize the Iron Giant has freed himself?
    pg. 37
  6. What color are the Iron Giant’s eyes when Hogarth is trying to get his attention with the horseshoe?
    pg. 39
  7. When the farmer’s decide to call the army, what is Hogarth’s idea regarding the Iron Giant?
    pg. 40
  8. Wh40at are people’s reactions when they see the Iron Giant following Hogarth and the farmers?
    pg. 40
  9. What delicacies does the Iron Giant find in the scrap-metal yard?
    pg. 41
  10. After they leave him in the scrap-metal yard, what is the constant color of the Iron Giant’s eyes?
    pg. 43

Section 4

  1. What news begins to frighten all the people?
    pg. 44
  2. Who first notices the change of the star?
    pg. 45
  3. Why is the star getting bigger?
    pg. 46
  4. How fast is the star rushing toward earth?
    pg. 46
  5. Where does the great black thing land?
    pg. 49
  6. What does the space-bat-angel-dragon want?
    pg. 52
  7. What do the people fear will happen if they feed the space-bat-angel-dragon?
    pg. 53
  8. What do the people decide they will do instead of feeding the space-bat-angel-dragon?
    pg. 53
  9. How does the space-bat-angel-dragon react to being attacked by the people?
    pg. 55
  10. What is the Iron Giant’s idea?
    pg. 59

Section 5

  1. How does the Iron Giant get to Australia?
    pg. 60
  2. What does the Iron Giant challenge the space-bat-angel-dragon to?
    pg. 61
  3. How does the space-bat-angel-dragon respond to the Iron Giant’s challenge?
    pg. 62
  4. How does the first trip to the sun change the space-bat-angel-dragon?
    pg. 68
  5. What happens when the space-bat-angel-dragon lands back on earth after his second trip to the sun?
    pg. 73
  6. When the Iron Giant shouts, “Round three!” what does the space-bat-angel-dragon say in response?
    pg. 75
  7. What make the space-bat-angel-dragon want to eat up the earth in the first place?
    pg. 77
  8. What does the Iron Giant command the space-bat-angel-dragon to do now that he is his slave?
    pg. 77
  9. What kind of gifts does the Iron Giant receive for being the world’s hero?
    pg. 78
  10. What is the result of the space-bat-angel’s singing?
    pg. 79
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