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my father's dragon

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. Why is the old alley cat surprised?
    pg. 9
  2. What did the cat see on Wild Island?
    pg. 13
  3. What practically cuts Wild Island in two?
    pg. 15
  4. Why don’t the crocodiles help carry passengers and mail across the river?
    pg. 15
  5. What does the old alley cat promise the dragon?
    pg. 17
  6. Where and for how long does Elmer hide on the ship?
    pg. 21
  7. Why does the fisherman shake when Elmer asks him about Wild Island?
    pg. 24

Section 2

  1. How will Elmer find the river?
    pg. 27
  2. What does the tortoise think Elmer has on his back?
    pg. 30
  3. What do the two wild boars say there were three signs of recently?
    pg. 32
  4. What lesson does Elmer learn from the Wild Boars?
    pg. 32
  5. Why is Elmer getting farther away from the river?
    pg. 36
  6. What does Elmer run into when he comes to the clearing?
    pg. 36
  7. What does Elmer do so that the tigers will not eat him?
    pg. 38

Section 3

  1. Why does Elmer decide to follow the trail no matter what?
    pg. 44
  2. What happens when Elmer stops to get a drink in the brook?
    pg. 46
  3. How does Elmer help the rhinoceros?
    pg. 48
  4. Why is the lion angrily roaring?
    pg. 51
  5. What is the lion afraid his mother will do if she sees his mane?
    pg. 52
  6. How does Elmer help the lion?
    pg. 54
  7. What is the lion busy doing when Elmer leaves?
    pg. 55

Section 4

  1. Why does the lioness not see Elmer?
    pg. 57
  2. What is the gorilla’s problem?
    pg. 60
  3. How does Elmer help the gorilla?
    pg. 62
  4. How does Elmer decide to cross the river to the dragon?
    pg. 66
  5. What does the crocodile ask Elmer when he is just about to climb up the pole to cross the river?
    pg. 66
  6. What do the animals think the invasion is after?
    pg. 70
  7. Why do Elmer and the dragon laugh themselves weak?
    pg. 76
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