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the wanderer

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1-14

  1. What is Sophie’s dream?
    pg. 2
  2. According to her father, what are Sophie’s three sides?
    pg. 3
  3. What does Sophie not like about the Ohio river?
    pg. 9
  4. Why doesn’t Sophie’s mom take her to Connecticut?
    pg. 12
  5. Why does Sophie like the name of the boat?
    pg. 13
  6. How does Brian feel about the boat once it is in the water?
    pg. 18
  7. How long does Uncle Dock estimate the journey will take?
    pg. 24
  8. What makes Cody want to slug Uncle Stew?
    pg. 28
  9. What does Sophie like best about killing fish?
    pg. 40-41
  10. How is The Wanderer different from the other boats at Vineyard Haven?
    pg. 47
  11. How does Cody feel when he sees Sophie and Uncle Dock juggling successfully?
    pg. 62

Section 2: Chapters 15-35

  1. What does Sophie realize when Frank throws the lobster back into the ocean?
    pg. 68
  2. Why does Cody think they keep stopping?
    pg. 70
  3. Why does Cody do most of the cooking?
    pg. 73
  4. Why does Sophie like to write everything down?
    pg. 74
  5. Why did Dock change his name?
    pg. 78
  6. What does Cody find and give to Sophie while they are exploring Wood Island?
    pg. 90
  7. Why doesn’t Sophie like to use the autohelm (automatic pilot) to steer the boat?
    pg. 121
  8. What does Sophie think she has in common with the sea?
    pg. 133
  9. What do Sophie’s stories of Bompie have in common?
    pg. 158
  10. What kind of life insurance does Sophie wish she could get?
    pg. 164

Section 3: Chapters 36-60

  1. What does Sophie say the waves are like?
    pg. 185
  2. What causes Brian to tell Sophie she is being selfish?
    pg. 192
  3. What causes Sophie to feel like a “stupid little sea flea”?
    pg. 193
  4. Why does Cody want to stay on deck during the storm?
    pg. 194
  5. What does Sophie hear in her head when the wave is crashing down on her?
    pg. 209
  6. How can Sophie tell that Uncle Mo is trying to be nicer to Cody?
    pg. 133
  7. Why was everyone afraid to sleep after the wave?
    pg. 219
  8. When Cody is recovering, what does he ask Sophie for and why?
    pg. 228
  9. After the wave destroys all of the boats navigation equipment, how does Cody determine their position?
    pg. 233
  10. What do Cody and Sophie both say to themselves while under the wave?
    pg. 237

Section 4: Chapters 61-78

  1. When the crew sighted land, what were Uncle Stew and Uncle Mo fighting about below deck?
    pg. 248
  2. Why are Cody and Sophie still writing in their journals?
    pg. 251
  3. Who ended up driving to Bompie’s?
    pg. 257
  4. Why was Sophie feeling “pushed and pulled” on the way to see Bompie?
    pg. 259
  5. When Brian is asking Uncle Dock about Sophie’s past, how does Cody know all about it?
    pg. 269-270
  6. What is Bompie’s house called?
    pg. 276
  7. How do they find Bompie’s house?
    pg. 276
  8. Why does Sophie know all of Bompie’s stories?
    pg. 284
  9. How does Uncle Dock settle the argument between Uncle Stew and Uncle Mo about what to do with Bompie?
    pg. 292
  10. What gifts does Mo bring for everyone?
    pg. 295-298
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