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the magicians nephew

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: Chapters 1-4

  1. Why had Digory been crying before he and Polly meet?
    pg. 4-5
  2. What seems fishy to digory at the Ketterly's?
    pg. 6
  3. What does Digory believe about the empty house they are trying to get to through the attic?
    pg. 9
  4. Where do Polly and Digory find themselves as they exit the attic?
    pg. 12-13
  5. What happens to Polly in Uncle Andrew’s study?
    pg. 17
  6. What was remarkable about Uncle Andrew’s godmother, Mrs. Lefay?
    pg. 19
  7. Where had the box that Mrs. Lefay had given to Uncle Andrew originally come from?
    pg. 22-23
  8. How was Uncle Andrew planning to bring Polly back?
    pg. 26-27
  9. Why do Polly and Digory decide to leave the guinea pig behind?
    pg. 35
  10. What mistake do Polly and Digory almost make when about to jump into another pool?
    pg. 37
  11. Why do Polly and Digory keep looking around the courtyard they end up in after jumping into the pool?
    pg. 45-47
  12. What draws Polly into the room they discover off of the courtyard?
    pg. 50-51
  13. Which figure in the room is the most interesting and why?
    pg. 53
  14. What do Polly and Digory both mistakenly believe after ringing the bell?
    pg. 57

Section 2: Chapters 5-8

  1. What happens in the great room when the bell stops ringing?
    pg. 58-59
  2. Why do Polly, Digory, and Queen Jadis have to leave the room quickly?
    pg. 60-61
  3. What will happen to people and things that stand in the way of Queen Jadis?
    pg. 63-64
  4. According to Queen Jadis, why had no one ever used the Deplorable Word before her?
    pg. 66
  5. What does Queen Jadis assume Polly and Digory were sent to her world for?
    pg. 69
  6. What do Polly and Digory learn about the rings that Uncle Andrew does not know?
    pg. 73
  7. What does Uncle Andrew begin to imagine about Queen Jadis?
    pg. 83
  8. Why won’t Aunt Letty loan Uncle Andrew any money?
    pg. 83-84
  9. What does Queen Jadis do when she discovers her magic does not work?
    pg. 87
  10. How does Digory plan to get Queen Jadis out of this world?
    pg. 89
  11. How does Digory think he can heal his mother?
    pg. 92-93
  12. How is Digory’s plan to get only Queen Jadis out of this world complicated?
    pg. 100-101
  13. After entering the dark world, what does the cabby suggest they do to pass the time?
    pg. 104-105
  14. Why does Queen Jadis hate the new world they find themselves in?
    pg. 110

Section 3: Chapters 9-12

  1. What is Uncle Andrew trying to do while Polly and Digory are watching the Lion sing and fill the land?
    pg. 113
  2. Why does the Cabby tell Uncle Andrew to “stow it” (be quiet)?
    pg. 114
  3. What happens to the iron bar that the Witch had thrown at the Lion?
    pg. 116
  4. What does the cab-horse, Strawberry, do that startles Polly and Digory?
    pg. 119
  5. After everything is created, what does Aslan give to the creatures?
    pg. 127
  6. What does Digory want to talk to Aslan about?
    pg. 128
  7. Why can’t Uncle Andrew hear the animals speaking?
    pg. 131
  8. What is the third joke?
    pg. 136-137
  9. When Digory asks for his mother to be helped, what does Aslan do that surprises him?
    pg. 142
  10. What are the first responsibilities given to the King and Queen of Narnia?
    pg. 146
  11. What quest does Aslan send Digory, Polly, and Fledge on?
    pg. 150-151
  12. After dividing their toffees evenly, what does Digory do with the one that is left over?
    pg. 154-156
  13. What happens just before Polly and Digory fall asleep under Fledge’s wings?
    pg. 164-165

Section 4: Chapters 13-15

  1. What happens to the toffee Digory plants?
    pg. 167
  2. How do Polly, Digory, and Fledge first know they are getting close to the valley Aslan has sent them to?
    pg. 169
  3. Upon entering the garden, how does Digory know which tree is the one he is looking for?
    pg. 172
  4. After taking the apple, why does Digory run from the garden?
    pg. 174
  5. What mistake does Queen Jadis make as she is trying to convince Digory to take the apple to his mother?
    pg. 175-177
  6. What helps Digory know he has made the right decision about the apple when he begins to doubt himself?
    pg. 178
  7. What does Aslan instruct Digory to do with the apple he has brought back?8. What do Polly and Digory notice is different about King Frank and Queen Helen?
    pg. 180-181
  8. What convinces the animals of Narnia that Uncle Andrew is a living thing?
    pg. 181
  9. What happens to the apple after Digory plants it near the river bank?
    pg. 185
  10. Why is Aslan sure Queen Jadis will not come down from the North to Narnia?
    pg. 187-188
  11. What gift does Aslan give Digory?
    pg. 190-191
  12. What warning and command does Aslan give Polly and Digory?
    pg. 193-194
  13. What finally becomes of the apple Digory brings back for his sick mother?
    pg. 199
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