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city of ember

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1: The Instructions-Chapter 4

  1. Where does the only light come from in the city of Ember?
    pg. 4
  2. What does Mayor Cole say is extremely important for Ember?
    pg. 8
  3. What kinds of supplies are held in the storerooms of Ember?
    pg. 9
  4. Why does Doon want to have a job working in the Pipeworks?
    pg. 15
  5. What rumor has Lina heard about the light bulbs?
    pg. 18
  6. Where does all of the yarn and thread come from in Granny's shop?
    pg. 21-22
  7. How did Lina's mother and father die?
    pg. 23
  8. How is the city that Lina draws from her imagination different from Ember?
    pg. 25
  9. What is the fourth rule that Captain Fleery gives to Lina about being a messenger?
    pg. 27-28
  10. Why must the Gathering Hall clock never be allowed to run down?
    pg. 34
  11. What does Lina hope to see from the roof of the Gathering Hall?
    pg. 37
  12. Even though Doon understands how things work, what is one thing he doesn't understand at all?
    pg. 47
  13. What do most people in Ember eat at every meal?
    pg. 61
  14. What was Sadge Merrall looking for in the Unknown Regions?
    pg. 64

Section 2: Chapters 5-10

  1. What had Lina's mother been like?
    pg. 71
  2. What happens in the city when Lina runs out of the shop to look for Poppy?
    pg. 79
  3. Who took care of Poppy during the blackout?
    pg. 81
  4. According to Doon's father, what happens when anger gets a hold of you and takes over?
    pg. 92
  5. What sparks Lina's curiosity on the paper that Poppy is chewing?
    pg. 99
  6. What do Captain Fleery and the other Believers believe about the future of Ember?
    pg. 103
  7. Who are the only people allowed to see the report for the light bulb rooms?
    pg. 2
  8. What does Lina do with the note that she writes for Mayor Cole about the document she found?
    pg. 108
  9. After studying the document carefully, what does Lina determine it to be about?
    pg. 111-112
  10. What does Doon do to keep from getting lost as he explores the Pipeworks tunnels?
    pg. 114
  11. When Lina and Doon were hiding in the Pipeworks tunnel, what did they see as they peaked around
    pg. 129-130
  12. the corner?
  13. As she is drawing, what color does Lina use to color the sky?
    pg. 136
  14. How does Lina feel as she is saying good night to her grandmother?
    pg. 139

Section 3: Chapters 11-15

  1. After Lina's grandmother dies, whom does she and Poppy go to live with?
    pg. 142
  2. What does Lizzie's boyfriend compare her beauty to?
    pg. 146
  3. What spills out of Lizzie's sack when she trips on the street?
    pg. 147
  4. What causes Doon to snatch his hand back when he is feeling for the door handle?
    pg. 156
  5. What does Doon see when he peaks around the open door to the room in Tunnel 35?
    pg. 156
  6. Who do Doon and Lina decide to tell about their discovery of the mayor and Looper's activities?
    pg. 161
  7. According to Clary, what is the title of the secret document?
    pg. 171
  8. Where does Doon think a door in the bank of the river will lead to?
    pg. 174-175
  9. What makes Lina think that the E had been carved on purpose?
    pg. 182
  10. What is in the dark green metal boxes that Lina and Doon find?
    pg. 188
  11. What do The Instructions say is the way out of Ember?
    pg. 192
  12. What do the three city guards accuse Doon of?
    pg. 200
  13. When Doon and Lina are hiding in the classroom, where does Doon suggest they go to escape?
    pg. 207
  14. Who does Lina almost bump into on her way to delivering their note to Clary?
    pg. 211

Section 4: Chapters 16-20

  1. Where do the guards catch Lina?
    pg. 213
  2. What do the wavy lines, the grid and the black on the banners used for The Signing represent?
    pg. 215
  3. What quality in Lina does the mayor think is a dangerous one?
    pg. 217
  4. What does Lina see from the edge of the clock tower as she is looking down into the dark crowd?
    pg. 224
  5. Where does Doon pin the message to his father?
    pg. 227
  6. What does Doon have that no citizen of Ember ever had before?
    pg. 229
  7. Who does Lina decide to bring with her on the journey out of Ember?
    pg. 231
  8. What does Lina find around the pile of rocks at the place where the river ends?
    pg. 244
  9. What does Poppy find as she is waiting for Lina to get Doon's bundle?
    pg. 245-246
  10. Who left the notice on the wall for the refugees from Ember?
    pg. 250
  11. What is the first thing Lina notices that is different as they near the end of the tunnel?
    pg. 252
  12. What does the creature who looks at Doon make him realize?
    pg. 257
  13. What do Lina and Doon see at the bottom of the enormous cave they discover?
    pg. 269
  14. Who discovers the message that Lina and Doon throw down into Ember?
    pg. 270
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