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3. Acquire - Lesson on Dictionary Skills

The weekly Acquire Section of the Discovery Guide connects readers to words. The goal is to pique the interest of the reader to the specificity and potential of language. Developing the skill of extracting words from reading, looking up those words in the dictionary and using them in an original sentence, reinforces meaning, improves comprehension, and increases vocabulary. Acquire will help your students:

» Determine meaning and other features of unknown words

» Determine word origin

» Improve reading comprehension

» Identify word derivations in reading

» Improve written and oral communication

Learning new vocabulary words is an undervalued skill, often a considered tedious process. What if we begin to teach our students that exploring words is an adventure? Taking the “boring” out of something ultimately involves changing the attitude about the task. Reading is the best way to develop a broad vocabulary.

Learning to think deeply about words encountered while reading by using a dictionary —the kind that you hold in your hands—is a skill that will help students discover just what words are worth.

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