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5. Explore - Writing

Young writers will recognize the power of writing and develop confidence in their ability to express an original idea as they engage in consistent and meaningful practice. Each week, the Glean section of the Discovery Guide offers an opportunity to practice opportunity for your writers to develop voice. Students will be challenged to personally respond to a directive related to the week’s reading by constructing an original paragraph. Over time, they will explore a variety of writing domains and develop the confidence that leads to authenticity in writing. By providing this consistent framework for practice we cheer students on, “Let your beautiful voice ring!”

The purpose of a paragraph is to explore and express an idea. Paragraphs follow a basic format:
» Introduce the topic with a general statement that “hooks” the reader’s attention
» Support the topic with ideas and evidence
» Close the paragraph with an interesting “twist” that leaves the reader with something to think about

Writing a paragraph begins with an idea

The writer must ask:
» What am I writing about?
» What do I want to say?

Successful writing begins with a plan.
The key to crafting a successful paragraph is to break down the writing process into steps:

Brainstorming doesn't involve writing complete sentences or paragraphs. Brainstorming involves coming up with ideas using words or short phrases.

Write down the subject of your paragraph. Try to express your subject with a single word or short phrase. Ask yourself, “Who or what are you writing about?” and “What do I think about the subject?” Then begin to write.


Ask someone to read your work to see if your words are working. Read your own work and make edits.


Make necessary changes for clarity and look for spelling and punctuation errors.

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