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el deafo

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Section 1

  1. Why did Cece's parents have to rush her to the hospital?
    pg. 2
  2. How do Cece's siblings react when she comes home from the hospital?
    pg. 10
  3. How does Cece realize she can't hear anymore?
    pg. 12
  4. What outfit does Cece wear every day, everywhere because she likes looking good?
    pg. 13
  5. What are some of the hearing tests the man does on Cece?
    pg. 16
  6. Why does Cece decide to stop wearing her swimsuit all the time?
    pg. 23
  7. Why does Cece believe she and Hannah are now definitely different?
    pg. 26
  8. What does Dorn teach her students at school?
    pg. 29
  9. Why is lip-reading so tricky?
    pg. 29
  10. What are the three types of clues Dorn says Cece needs to use when lip-reading?
    pg. 30
  11. What secret superpower does the Phonic Ear give Cece?
    pg. 44
  12. Why is first grade lonely for Cece at first?
    pg. 47
  13. What are some of the ways in which Laura is a pushy friend?
    pg. 50
  14. Why does Cece decide to stay friends with Laura, even though she is pushy?
    pg. 51

Section 2

  1. What does Cece pray for the night before the first day of third grade?
    pg. 61
  2. What are some of the first things that Cece and Ginny bond over?
    pg. 64
  3. What frustrates Cece about Ginny?
    pg. 69
  4. What does Cece do when she needs a break from her friends?
    pg. 72
  5. Why does Cece love the weird foreign movies that her dad takes her to every once in a while?
    pg. 73
  6. Why are soap operas easy for Cece to lip-read?
    pg. 74
  7. Why are cartoons easy for Cece to understand, even if they are impossible to lip-read?
    pg. 76
  8. Why does Cece like to watch TV even if it is hard for her to understand sometimes?
    pg. 79
  9. What does Cece decide to name her superhero alter-ego?
    pg. 84
  10. Why is Cece afraid to ask Ginny to turn the lights back on after she turns them off at her sleepover?
    pg. 96
  11. Why doesn't Cece like it when Bonnie begins signing at her?
    pg. 105
  12. Why does Cece hate the word "special"?
    pg. 115
  13. Why is Cece glad that Martha is not in her grade?
    pg. 123
  14. How does Cece know Martha is a True Friend?
    pg. 128

Section 3

  1. Why is summertime with Martha awesome?
    pg. 131
  2. Who moves into the Carter family's old house?
    pg. 132
  3. Why does Cece decide to spy on Mike Miller?
    pg. 134
  4. How does Cece’s eye get hurt?
    pg. 142
  5. Why doesn't Martha want to talk to Cece after the accident?
    pg. 146
  6. Why is Cece excited to be in Mrs. Sinklemann’s class?
    pg. 151
  7. Why is the first day back at school always difficult for Cece?
    pg. 154
  8. Why does Cece get in trouble in class?
    pg. 157
  9. Why does Mom bring Cece a cherry pie?
    pg. 160
  10. What are the benefits of Cece’s new glasses?
    pg. 162
  11. Why does Martha throw up when she sees Cece with glasses?
    pg. 165
  12. Why does Cece want to get good grades?
    pg. 167
  13. What is the one class that Cece struggles with?
    pg. 168
  14. What is Cece able to accomplish when she is "fueled by rage"?
    pg. 177

Section 4

  1. What gift does Dad bring back for Cece from the conference?
    pg. 179
  2. Why does Cece begin to cry at the bus stop?
    pg. 182-184
  3. What happens while Cece is sitting alone on the gym bleachers?
    pg. 186
  4. Why is school boring for Cece without the phonic ear?
    pg. 188
  5. Why does Mike Miller get in trouble during Quiet Math?
    pg. 190
  6. What finally arrives in the mail for Cece after four weeks and three days of waiting?
    pg. 192
  7. Why do Mike and Cece have to wear matching pajamas?
    pg. 194-195
  8. Why does Cece start laughing during the play?
    pg. 198-199
  9. How do Mike Miller and Cece experiment with her hearing aid after school?
    pg. 204
  10. What does Martha tell Mike Miller on their walk downtown?
    pg. 208
  11. What is Mike Miller’s big plan for Cece’s hearing aid during Quiet Math?
    pg. 211
  12. What does Mrs. Catawba want Cece’s class to make?
    pg. 224
  13. Who gives Cece a worm fuzzy?
    pg. 228
  14. What does Martha think of Cece’s gift for her?
    pg. 230
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