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One True Sentence - Storymaker

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All you have to do is write one true sentence that you know.

This should always be the place to start, take it from Hemingway. The purpose of learning grammar is to produce well-formed sentences. And the best way to learn grammar is to provide opportunities for students to construct ideas. A sentence is simply a collection of words that conveys an idea. When well-crafted sentences are connected wisely, one after another, meaning flows, carrying that idea forward in a clear and concise manner.

Bundle includes: Student Guide/Workbook, Setting and Character cards, and Miniature objects.

One True Sentence is an ongoing opportunity for students to write for real. Over the course of 20 weeks, as they practice the art of constructing sentences, students will acquire tools within the context of activity writing.

Story writing is an important part of learning and development. Through weekly creative writing activities, students will practice constructing ideas with words. As students write regularly, they become fascinated by the way the words and ideas come together on paper.

Recommended for use with our Earlybird and Level 1 Literature and Writing Discovery Guides.

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Grades 2-3

Use in the following order:
1. Storymaker
2. Parts of Speech
3. Tools of Style


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