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Miquon Lab Sheet Annotations


Math is not just numbers!

From the publisher:

The Lab Sheet Annotations contains the specific instructions for use of the children's lab sheets. It is the daily teaching companion of teachers using the Miquon Math Lab Materials. Each topic is introduced by a discussion of the mathematics underlying the children's work along with teaching suggestions and anecdotes.

The book contains a complete set of the 650 student lab sheets (reduced in size) that appear in the workbooks. The intervening text indicates the objectives of the sheets and ways in which the students may use them. Included are preliminary activities, teaching suggestions, and follow-up activities for many of the lab sheets. The annotations provide questions that the teacher can ask to reinforce the concepts underlying the problems on the sheets. The text also suggests activities for practice in applying those concepts. Where the procedures and objectives are apparent at a glance, lab sheets are annotated.

Using Cuisenaire rods, Miquon Math Labs allows children to model numbers and operations concretely. It uses a hands-on, pattern-building, discovery method that fosters independence and creativity in problem solving. The unique format of the program allows for flexibility - use each book straight through, or teach topically. It introduces children to all four basic math operations in grade one - plus fractions, clock arithmetic, area, volume and factoring - building confidence in children and taking the "mystery" out of these otherwise-delayed topics.

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