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Miquon Purple Book - Level 6


Math is not just numbers!

From the publisher:

Using Cuisenaire rods, Miquon Math Labs allows children to model numbers and operations concretely. It uses a hands-on, pattern-building, discovery method that fosters independence and creativity in problem solving. The unique format of the program allows for flexibility - use each book straight through, or teach topically. It introduces children to all four basic math operations in grade one - plus fractions, clock arithmetic, area, volume and factoring - building confidence in children and taking the "mystery" out of these otherwise-delayed topics.

Also recommended is Annotations. A teacher's guide for all six workbooks, it contains a general overview and several suggestions on how to present each major concept. It also provides preliminary activities for a concrete understanding of the math concepts as well as more detailed explanations for many of the lab sheets. While answers are supplied for some of the more "tricky" sheets, most worksheets are shown sans answers

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