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What if, as a teacher, you were free to explore great stories right along with your students? Blackbird & Company Integrated Literature and Writing Discovery Guides have been designed with this goal in mind. Over time, the curriculum will enable your students to work independently, freeing you to mentor your students to engage in the art of reading and writing.

Our Discovery Method™ helps students develop an integrated tradition of reading and writing. As they engage in the consistency of paced exercises, students will confidently respond to textual structures and practice the mechanical tasks that enable them to read deeply, write authentically, and to bring shape to their original ideas. When the program is utilized longitudinally, students will develop habits that permit them to discover the rich and diverse potential of story while engaging in increasingly challenging content.

We appreciate the heart of teachers in classrooms everywhere and desire to partner with you to motivate and empower your students to excel. Blackbird & Company is committed to providing outstanding products that will enable your students to reach Common Core academic standards. Our goal is to enlist the student’s natural curiosity and imagination, which we believe are vital to academic success. Curiosity leads to imagination. Imagination fuels dreams. But students must become literate to bring shape to their dreams. Our Discovery Method™ provides the structured mentorship your students need in order to read for purpose and write for real. Not all practice makes perfect, our program offers the right kind of practice that leads to success. This is why we believe that Blackbird & Company products are right for your school.

We are proud to offer superior instructional materials at competitive prices with the exceptional customer service you deserve. Please contact us to learn more about our unique line of products and to receive classroom or district pricing information.

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