The Courage of Sarah Noble

courage of sarah noble bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-3

  1. cloak: a long, loose cape
  2. timid: shy and without courage
  3. narrow: very small in width
  4. weary: having no energy
  5. wise: having good sense and judgment
  6. travel: to journey from place to place
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Every summer my family likes to travel across the United States.
  2. The space between the cars in the small garage is too narrow to walk through
  3. The little girl felt timid about dancing in front of her friends.
  4. Mark’s wise grandfather told him to read a book instead of complaining about being bored.
  5. The actress put on her long, black cloak before stepping out onto the stage.
  6. After playing baseball all day, the boys were feeling weary.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Sarah’s mother puts a cloak around her when she starts her journey. (pg. 1)
  2. Sarah and her father are going into the wilderness in Connecticut to build a house. (pg. 2)
  3. Sarah wants her father to tell her about home when she can’t fall asleep the first night. (pg. 3)
  4. Lemuel says the Indians will skin Sarah and eat her alive when she lives in the woods. (pg. 10)
  5. Sarah sees pictures of miles of trees in the wilderness, and men moving behind the trees. (pg. 12)
  6. Sarah and her father will live in a cave while they are building the new house. (pg. 14)
  7. Sarah’s father tells her they will treat the Indians with kindness. (pg. 18)

Section 2: Chapters 4-6

  1. coast: the land near the seashore
  2. plot: a small area of ground
  3. porridge: a thick soft food like oatmeal
  4. odor: a strong smell
  5. rustle: a soft shuffling sound
  6. echo: a sound that repeats
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. During the summer my family always takes a drive up the coast to see the sea lions molt.
  2. The skunk that wandered into Jill’s backyard gave off a very strong odor.
  3. When Travis spoke loudly in the empty parking garage he could hear his voice echo.
  4. My mother has planted a small plot in our backyard with tomato and herb plants.
  5. I like to make the dry leaves rustle along the sidewalk by kicking them.
  6. Every morning in the winter we eat porridge with brown sugar and milk.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Sarah cooks a pot of bean porridge for dinner their first night in the cave. (pg. 20)
  2. A skunk causes the strange odor that makes Sarah choke. (pg. 22)
  3. Sarah decides to read Bible stories after her father leaves to begin working on the new house. (pg. 24)
  4. The Indian children run away after Sarah reads to them because her voice is impatient toward them for not speaking English. (pg.28)
  5. Sarah tries teaching the Indian children English words (pg. 29)
  6. The Indian children teach Sarah where to find the wild strawberries. (pg. 30)
  7. Sarah goes to Tall John’s house when she visits the Indian village. (pg. 32)

Section 3: Chapters 7-9

  1. scarlet: a bright red color
  2. fetch: to go after and bring back
  3. frost: an icy layer
  4. mount: to get up onto something
  5. solemn: being very serious
  6. dew: drops of moisture
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. My dog loves to fetch the tennis ball every time I throw it.
  2. Early in the morning there are little drops of dew on our grass.
  3. Little Red Riding Hood’s cape is a deep scarlet color.
  4. During winter, my dad has to wipe the frost off of our car’s windshield before he leaves for work.
  5. Lucy was feeling very solemn about losing her favorite toy.
  6. The first thing my riding teacher taught me was how to safely mount my horse.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Tall John and his squaw will take care of Sarah while her father goes away. (pg. 36)
  2. Sarah feels afraid of living with Tall John. (pg. 36)
  3. The Indians eat with their hands and they do not use plates. (pg. 39)
  4. Sarah kneels down beside the bed and prays before she goes to bed. (pg. 40)
  5. Sarah is most afraid of the Indians from the North coming down. (pg. 43)
  6. Sarah’s father is watching her as she plays the pebble game with the Indian children. (pg. 46)
  7. Sarah keeps on her moccasins as she gets dressed to see her family. (pg. 46)

Section 4: Chapters 10-11

  1. wade: to walk through water
  2. fret: to fuss
  3. outlandish: looking strange or unfamiliar
  4. firm: solid and strong
  5. quilt: a stitched cloth blanket
  6. peg: a small wooden hook
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Every Christmas my grandma makes a handmade quilt for each grandchild.
  2. John’s mother would often fret when he snowboarded on steep hills.
  3. When Robert squeezed his dad’s arm muscles, they felt very firm.
  4. At the birthday party, there was a clown wearing a very outlandish outfit.
  5. Megan would always hang her keys on the peg so she wouldn’t lose them.
  6. To get to the other side of the creek, we had to wade in cold and mossy water.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Sarah says “Going home” over and over to herself while riding on Tall John’s shoulders. (pg. 47)
  2. Sarah first sees her mother standing in the doorway of the log house. (pg. 47)
  3. Tall John calls Sarah his daughter as he sets her down. (pg. 49)
  4. Sarah hopes her mother has brought her doll Arabella from their old home. (pg. 50)
  5. Sarah’s mother calls Tall John and his family “savages.” (pg. 51)
  6. Sarah tells Arabella not to be afraid and to keep up her courage. (pg. 52)
  7. Sarah wants to be a mother and a teacher when she grows up. (pg. 52)