The Shakespeare Stealer

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. How is Widge’s adoption different from what he had expected?
    pg. 5
  2. What does Widge discover about the sermons he copies for Dr. Bright at neighboring parishes?
    pg. 6
  3. How does Widge feel more fortunate than his fellow orphans?
    pg. 15
  4. Why doesn’t Widge confront the stable boy when he suspects his wallet has been stolen by him?
  5. How is Widge surprised when he meets his new master, Simon Bass?
    pg. 29
  6. Why is Widge incredulous when he discovers London has a curfew?
  7. What does Widge need to change in order to appear more like a Londoner?
    pg. 39
  8. How does Widge pass the time while waiting for Hamlet to be performed?
    pg. 41
  9. Why does the house Widge sees on the way to the theater have a cross nailed to the door?
    pg. 42
  10. How does Falconer respond when Widge thanks him for saving his life when he fell into the river?
    pg. 45
  11. What is written beneath the feet of Atlas outside of the Globe Theater?
    pg. 47
  12. What is Widge’s most pressing problem while attempting to copy the play?
    pg. 49
  13. Why were women forbidden to act on stage?
    pg. 49
  14. What became more important to Widge than his “petty mission”?
    pg. 50

Section 2

  1. When Widge comes out of the playhouse and considers running away, why does he hesitate?
    pg. 53
  2. Who does Falconer knock off of the footbridge and into the drainage ditch?
    pg. 54
  3. What are Widge’s favorite parts of the play?
    pg. 55
  4. Why do Falconer and Widge lose their lodgings?
    pg. 59
  5. How does Widge escape from the playhouse?
    pg. 62-63
  6. How is the fire at the theater extinguished?
    pg. 64
  7. How is Widge recognized when he returns to the theater to look for his book?
    pg. 65
  8. What does Widge say is the reason he has come to London?
  9. Who was opposed to Widge joining the company?
    pg. 72
  10. Why doesn’t Sander mind sharing a room with Widge?
    pg. 75
  11. What had Mr. Shakespeare apprenticed as?
    pg. 77
  12. What is Mr. Shakespeare’s role in the play?
    pg. 80
  13. What does “widge” mean where Nick comes from?
    pg. 86
  14. What does Mr. Shakespeare tell Sander to instruct Widge in?
    pg. 106

Section 3

  1. Why is Widge irritated at having to help Sander pin his sleeve on?
    pg. 108
  2. Why are sleeves not sewn onto the costumes?
    pg. 109
  3. Why does Sander think Nick is in no shape to be part of the play?
    pg. 111
  4. Why does Jack take the play book away from Widge?
    pg. 113
  5. What does Mr. Heminges suggest to Mr. Shakespeare as he is leaving the tiring-room to go on stage?
    pg. 115
  6. Why does Chris Beeston think Will Kempe left the company?
    pg. 117
  7. How is Widge’s training at the theatre company different from the training he received from Dr. Bright?
    pg. 120
  8. While resting from their battle scene training, what do Widge and Julian find they have in common?
    pg. 129
  9. What happens to Widge when it is time for him to go on stage?
    pg. 131
  10. Why does Mr. Heminges want to see Widge in the property room?
    pg. 141
  11. How had the company got on Her Majesty’s bad side?
    pg. 156
  12. How is Julian’s true identity discovered?
    pg. 159

Section 4

  1. Why is Nick so upset when it is revealed that Julian is a girl?
    pg. 161
  2. What provokes Nick to fight the student in the tavern?
    pg. 165
  3. Why do the two students run away after the sword fight?
    pg. 170
  4. Why don’t the authorities take Nick to prison after the sword fight?
    pg. 170
  5. Why is the part of Ophelia offered to Widge after Julia is discovered?
    pg. 174
  6. What is Widge shocked by when he arrives at Whitehall to perform for the queen?
    pg. 179
  7. How does Widge manage to survive on stage in spite of his fear while performing for the queen?
    pg. 180
  8. How is Widge transformed through playing the part of Ophelia?
    pg. 188
  9. What does Widge discover Nick doing at the Globe?
    pg. 191
  10. How does Nick escape being caught by Widge and Mr. Armin?
    pg. 196-197
  11. Why doesn’t the beggar by the side of the road want to be seen with Widge and Mr. Armin?
    pg. 200-201
  12. What is Widge’s fear during the duel between Mr. Armin and Falconer?
    pg. 205
  13. How do Simon Bass and Mr. Armin know each other?
    pg. 209
  14. Why does Julia decide to go to France?
    pg. 213