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Cross Bow


We’ve been studying Leonardo da Vinci’s crossbow design. So naturally my youngest son wanted to purchase a toy crossbow. His dad suggested he make one. Søren mulled it over for a few days then whipped out his design at the dinner table for Willie to approve.


It’s Sunday. Søren set up shop on the picnic table, pulled down the plastic picnic pitcher, stocked it with ice water and drew the pattern for his design by hand on a piece of wood supplied by his dad. Søren has been chiseling by choice for two hours.


My husband is a proud dad, keeps tapping me on the shoulder, “He’s been at it a long time.” He’s the dad pacing in the background like a kid himself waiting to jump when Søren is ready to transition to from chisel to file. I don’t think my husband the master woodworker is entirely sure that Søren’s design will work out perfectly, but there is no doubt in either of our minds that our son will learn much and have a blast trying his idea.


2 thoughts on “Cross Bow

  1. Crossbows are funny for kids. If my kids want a toy crossbow, I will also tell him to make it himself. That will help him a lot.

  2. Just a note from the father: part of the reason for pacing (see above) is from having to exert great self-control to not jump in and do it myself. Not because I don’t think Søren can do it, (I’m sure he can) but because it looks like a heck of a lot more fun than attending to my other looming responsibilities. I want a cross bow too!!

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