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My intentions are innocent enough…

Just one click to visit a favorite blog to get a quick nugget of inspiration or encouragement. Then it happens, I see the blogroll beckoning me from the sidebar. Like the promise of a multi-family yard sale, I wonder if there is
something amazing to be found there just for me. Something I have been wanting, something I have been needing. So I click…then one click leads to another, and leads to another until a couple hours (or more) have disappeared from my day.

Can you relate?

What I love about the concept of a blog carnival is that someone else has done the work and gathered a great collection of related articles for me to explore. It does save time (if I limit myself to these blogs) and it’s a great way to learn about what other moms and educators are doing and thinking!

Check out the latest Carnival of Homeschooling and learn about the history of homeschooling at the same time. Of particular interest to this artful educator, are some great links to articles on music education and discovering the artist Giotto.


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