Level 1 Year-Pack “D” – Guides


Blackbird & Co. Integrated Literature+Writing Discovery Guides are CORE to our curriculum offering. Each Year-Pack has been carefully designed to provide a range of genres that develop increased competency in reading and writing over time. This carefully selected collection of six titles will make for a fulfilling year of study.

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When it comes to learning language arts much of the exceptional work that your students will accomplish is subjective in nature tied to their ideas. As we value these ideas—their discoveries from reading tied to their observations—and challenge them to catalog and craft these ideas over time, literacy skills soar. This collection represents a range of genres and six student journals.

Level 1D includes the following titles:

  • The Hundred Dresses
  • The Iron Giant
  • A Mouse Called Wolf
  • The Poet’s Dog
  • Rickshaw Girl
  • The Year of Miss Agnes

Ready to Fly! / Lexile: 750-800

Each of the six units is designed to develop increased student competency in 3rd grade students reading, and to develop voice and writing skills over time. Our Integrated Literature and Writing Discovery Guides are tied to exceptional classic and contemporary novels.  This level is structured to guide students into the art of reading and writing and thinking.

Because 3rd grade is a milestone where students are moving beyond learning to read toward reading to learn. Year Pack D and is just right for confident, Ready to Fly readers. This said, many children will need a bit more practice to become fluid readers.

Each week, this CORE offering follows a similar weekly format with ample room for students to catalog their observations and bring shape to their ideas. Students will read and journal on character development, setting, and plot. They will explore rich vocabulary unique to the story, and will trace the plot more deeply as they answer comprehension questions with complete sentences. In 3rd grade, the weekly paragraph is introduced. Students are supported with a simple scaffolding as they craft their response to a prompt that is connected to the week’s reading. Students will learn to move from a rough draft to a final, polished work. Each week culminates with a robust discussion.

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