About Us

Who We Are

…reading for purpose, writing for real.

FROM OUR BEGINNING In 2000, Blackbird & Company has been creating language arts materials that inspire delight in the art of learning. Our products have been developed to provide the support for you, and the intellectual scaffolding that will enable your students to move beyond mere reading and writing, toward reading for purpose and writing for real.

True learning entails much more than the gathering of knowledge. We believe all children are endowed with their own creative genius and we are dedicated to providing materials that empower you to discover, protect and promote that unique potential in each child.

Our Discovery Method

Words ignite our imagination, widen our perspectives, strengthen our convictions, and deepen our connections to wisdom. Blackbird & Company’s Discovery Method promotes intentionality, so students will press into the fulfilling work of constructing meaning as they gather knowledge. Whether students are engaging with great stories, assessing powerful non-fiction, or grappling with an idea blossoming in their mind, our products help them harness words — the words they read and the words they write — and complete the cycle of learning, from information, to knowledge, to wisdom, to application.

Charter Schools, Private Schools, etc.

Belong to a charter school? We are approved vendors for many charter schools nationwide with a strong concentration in California and Alaska. We may already be a vendor for your school, Contact Us with your school name and location. If we’re not a vendor, have your school reach out to us and we’ll begin the approval process.