Literature Based K-12 Language Arts Curriculum


Read well, write well, think well!
Because all students deserve to learn how to communicate their ideas effectively.

Reading and writing well is the foundation for success in every school subject, not to mention, in life.
Whether you are a veteran classroom teacher, a dedicated homeschooler, or a parent trying to adapt to education at home, our comprehensive language arts curriculum will help your students become skilled, passionate communicators.

We hope everyone has enjoyed our “12 Days of Reading + Writing” emails. Below is a wonderful poem we received based on Day 1. It’s a great example of how a few well chosen words can say something deep and profound.

Most mittens
Keep your
Hands warm
The most
Not only
Keep your
Hands warm
But also

–Hadleigh, 11

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“We’ve been using Blackbird and Co. for three years now. In this time, I have seen a tremendous change in my son. He used to hate having to read and hated writing even more! Since we started, our minds and vocabularies have been opened!”


“We have been loving your new products and, equally, how very swift and responsive you are to our orders and queries.
I feel like we have found a hidden gem!”


“Thank you very much for your fast response
and great customer service.”


“I’ve had a lot of issues with companies and curriculum, but your company is exemplary in regards to curriculum, service, and delivery – thank you :)!!”


“As a former English teacher and now homeschooling parent, I’m picky about literature and writing curriculum. Blackbird & Co. offers guides which promote critical thought and depth in understanding, and prompt my students to engage in thoughtful discussions. These guides are also great for multi-grade teaching and tailoring my kids’ assignments to their abilities so that they feel encouraged to learn and able to succeed. I’ve used several units and guides, from Earlybird to Level 2, and love it all!”


“My sixth grader really enjoyed the Elemental Journal! He appreciated every bit of it: the autonomous study, the quirky Basher Science book, the informative Elements text, and the engaging University of Nottingham videos. He regularly expressed to me his excitement in learning elements’ details which directly connect to life itself; he wasn’t simply focusing on the atomic numbers and abbreviations, but how and where the elements are used. As a byproduct, he memorized nearly all of the Periodic Table!”