Things We Like (Links)

Beautiful Feet Books

Subjects: History, literature based

Beautiful Feet Books began in 1984 as the solution to a homeschool mom’s real problem of wanting to teach her children history without using a dry and lifeless textbook. Founder Rea Berg was initially inspired in this pursuit by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s For the Children’s Sake. In applying Macaulay’s philosophy along with the writings of Charlotte Mason, she created a living books approach to the subject of history. 

Today, Beautiful Feet Books publishes and provides teachers guides, curriculum packs, individual books, and other products to homeschool educators worldwide seeking to create an environment where learning is loved. Based on the Charlotte Mason philosophy, this literature-rich approach introduces curriculum to students in a way that is fascinating, relatable, and fun.

My Spanish Journey

Subjects: Online Spanish Classes

Our curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school Spanish is built to help your child experience success. Here are the core features you can count on:

  1. Immersion-based: Supports instruction of Spanish in Spanish.
  2. Age-appropriate: Standards-based and aligned to grade-level learning objectives.
  3. Promote functionality: Six levels systematically teach students to read, write and speak, leading to bilingualism.
  4. Results-driven: Integrated assessments provide benchmarks for tracking student progress and goals.