Grade Level Collections

Grade Level Collections

Our Grade Level Collections are carefully curated to give you everything you need for the school year when it comes to English Language Arts.

Each level includes six CORE Integrated Reading & Writing units, plus an appropriate collection of APPLICATION materials (vocabulary development, mechanics, style, non-fiction research, composition, creative writing).


Our CORE + APPLICATION materials provide opportunities for students to: 

  1. Read to discover
  2. Write to catalog thoughts and insights
  3. Think to spark curiosity, ideas, imagination, and problem solving

When it comes to literacy, integrating the act of reading and the art of writing gets students thinking independently. Our unique scaffolding supports students as they gather information from books, both fiction and non-fiction, and challenges them to respond with original, authentic ideas. Our longitudinal Discovery Method™ motivates students to work through the processes of writing: brainstorming, drafting, re-reading, editing, conferencing, and polishing of the final work. While engaging in our Discovery Method, students will gain, and put into practice, skills that will make their ideas shine.


Our Core offering is literature based, but is much more than just a literature program. Core is an integrated literature & writing program that uses great writing to model, inspire, and springboard students into becoming great readers, writers, and thinkers.


Our Application offerings provide focused opportunities to develop the specific tools and skills needed for successful writing—vocabulary development, sentence construction, parts of speech, punctuation, rhetorical device, etc. These skills are explored alongside the specific domains of writing narrative, persuasive, descriptive, imaginative within various forms—paragraphs, micro stories, research, essays, poems.

When applied over time, our Core & Application materials lay solid foundations and build strong students that not only have the ability to read well, write well, and think well, but also have the desire to do so.

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Showing all 13 results