2nd Grade Collection


Including our CORE offering plus carefully curated APPLICATION elements, each collection will offer the tools, training, practice, and inspiration needed to inspire young readers, writers, and thinkers with an integrated, multi-sensory, approach just right for 2nd grade. Our pre-selected collections make shopping + lesson  planning simple by providing all the materials needed for the year in one click.


A Complete Second Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Everything you need for a fun and successful year of second grade language arts!

1. Earlybird Year Pack “A”

Earlybird Literature+Writing Discovery Guides are the CORE of our 2nd grade language arts curriculum and are designed to gently support students as they increase competency in reading and writing over time.

When it comes to learning language arts much of the exceptional work that your students will accomplish is subjective in nature tied to their ideas. As we value these ideas—their discoveries from reading tied to their observations—and challenge them to catalog and craft these ideas over time, literacy skills soar. This collection of 20 picture books represents a wide range of story genres and includes four student journals:

Earlybird Year Pack “A” includes:

    • Fall thematic unit
    • Winter thematic unit
    • Leo Lionni author unit
    • Robert McCloskey author unit.

Within a single unit, each week, for five weeks, students will explore the traits of characters, and a sampling of vocabulary. They will run through the details of the plot either completing sentences with a word bank or crafting an ending phrase. They will journal an idea connected to the story. During the sixth week, students will engage in a robust discussion and create a culminating project inspired by the stories in the unit.

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2. Storymaker “A”: Farm Stories Bundle

When staring at the blank page, it’s often the first sentence that is most difficult for students to tackle.  Storymaker, complete with story starters, setting & character flashcards, and object prompts, give them the support they need to create an exciting story hook that will get the writing started! An engaging hook—the very first sentence—is all that is needed to conquer writer’s block with the swish of a pencil.

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3. Operation Lexicon: Collecting Words Bundle

Finding just the right word can be a mighty struggle for students and seasoned writers alike. Operation Lexicon: Word Collecting is a golden opportunity for students to explore the wonder of words, face the struggle head-on and overcome! Each week, as they collect words, teasing out their meaning, and playing with application, students will discover the astonishing potential of a singular word, replacing fear with freedom. Words are malleable, concise, full of flavor and full of fun. Let’s dive-in to the wonderful world of words!

Included in this bundle:

    • Student workbook
    • The Word Collector, by Peter H. Reynolds
    • The Boy Who Loved Words, by Roni Schotter
    • The Word Collector, by Sonja Wilmer
    • Note cards (to start your own word collection)
    • Clothesline Kit (for displaying your word collection)

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4. Taxonomy of Living Things: Introduction to Animals

Over the course of 13 weeks, students will be guided into the work of learning about the animal kingdom, journaling their discoveries along the way. This opportunity to research will not only help them to gain knowledge, but also to springboard into the realm of non-fiction, narrative writing.

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5. Calendar of Days Bundle

This journal is an opportunity for students to record a their observations of each day of the week. They will explore weather, seasons, months, and weeks creating a sense of anticipation for each day. This bundle includes the student journal, a calendar teacher white board, dry erase markers, and two related picture books.

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A word about grade levels and learning styles:

All of Blackbird and Company curricular materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Whether you are in a traditional classroom, a homeschool, an independent study, or if you need accommodations for unique learning styles, our materials are adaptable with differentiation built in to honor your student’s learning style, as well as your teaching style.

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