1st Grade Collection


A complete, well balanced, first grade language arts curriculum. Reading, writing, and phonics taught with an integrated, multi-sensory approach.



A Complete First Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Everything you need for a fun and successful year of first grade language arts!

1. Hatchling Reading, Writing, Phonics – Volume 2 Complete

Hatchling Reading and Writing through Phonics Complete includes everything you need to support your student through a rich language arts experience. The multi-sensory materials will introduce new concepts and provide the opportunity for practice and review.

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2. Calendar of Days

This is a journal to record a student’s observations of each school day. They will explore weather, seasons, months, and weeks, creating a sense of anticipation for each day. This bundle includes the journal, a calendar white board, dry erase markers, and two related picture books.

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3. Kickstarter Child Made Books

This set includes 15 “just right readers” that will kickstart reading! Each coloring booklet introduces two new words embedded in the story, increasing your student’s sight word vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Complexity increases across time.

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4. Moveable Alphabet

This time tested tool helps students practice spelling in a tactile way that enables them to visualize phonics as all of the wooden consonants are red and vowels, blue.

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5. Sand Tray

This tray, with a covered lid, is a multi sensory device for children to practice letter formations and spelling.

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6. Toobaloo

Whispering into this tool provides auditory feedback that helps students to listen, pronounce, and spell.

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Schedule / Pacing

Daily: Each day your student will be directed into specific tasks that will pace the week’s activities.

Weekly: Introduction to Phonics Concepts, Handwriting, Sight Words, Read Aloud and Journal Writing, Just Right Readers, Fine Motor Activities, Review.

Yearly: Students will complete work that fulfills literary learning standards for the year.

A word about grade levels and learning styles

All of Blackbird and Company curricular materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Whether you are in a traditional classroom or a homeschool, if you are in independent study or if you need accommodations for unique learning styles or special needs, our materials are adaptable to individual needs, to your teaching style, and to your student’s learning style.

Note: Your items may differ slightly from the images shown.

Please contact us if you need individual guides for additional students.

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