Hatchling: Reading, Writing, Phonics – Vol. 2 – Complete



Over the course of 24 weeks, your students will be introduced systematically to the tools that will guide happily them into the wide world of reading and writing. Hatchling Reading and Writing through Phonics Complete, includes everything you need to support your student through a rich language arts experience. The multi-sensory materials will introduce new concepts and provide the opportunity for practice and review.  This CORE offering includes a Teacher Helps booklet with introductory information and strategies for teachers to inspire students along the way. Scheduling and simple daily instruction is built in to the eight student guides (2A-2G). Workbooks organized according to phonics instruction, are tied to multi-sensory activities using objects, self-correcting visual flashcards, plus cut and paste-pictures. Beautifully illustrated picture books are utilized to spark idea making. Just Right Readers (Henry and Mudge plus Frog and Toad), are at the ready to practice skills gleaned each week.

Each week students will:

  • Learn & practice phonics
  • Acquire sight vocabulary
  • Learn & practice handwriting
  • Read exceptional literature
  • Create meaningful journal entries
  • Engage in line work activities

Volume 2 “Core Collection” includes the following items:

  • Volumes 2A thru 2G workbooks
  • Miniature phonetic objects
  • Phonetic Flash Cards
  • Cut and paste object sheets

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Volume 2 “Complete Collection” includes the Core items plus the following:

  • Independent Readers: Henry and Mudge Collector’s Set
  • Independent Readers:The Frog and Toad Collection
  • 13 integrated hard and softcover picture books**

Recommended add-ons:

  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Letter Formation Sand Tray
  • Tooballoo


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**INCLUDED BOOKS: Winter Bees, Snowflake Bentley, The Mitten Tree, Annie and the Wild Animals, Hedgie’s Surprise, Armadillo Rodeo, Corduroy, Harry the Dirty Dog, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, The Little Scarecrow Boy, Look What I Did With a Leaf, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, 1000 Animals.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in